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Charless's application


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Ingame username: sangay7
Ingame nickname: Charless
Previous nicknames: Charles
Age: 20

Date started playing on SAES: 15/06/15 00:00

Current memberships: None

Previous memberships: None

Previous punishments/bans: None

My strengths: I'm active player and recently Comeback playing I'm also good shooting and helping gang activities

My weaknesses: I'm not good in Driving and Headshot. Due to fps dropping in our country and also ping high sometimes

Additional information: Hi My Name is Charles I'm 20 years old from Philippines I recently comeback playing here in Saes since I started playing 2015 I was inactive coz Idk if server is alive or not so I was shock and I saw that there were players came playing and some of my friends invited me again to play.

I agree to the rules of this organisation: Yes
I agree to the rules of the community/server: Yes
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