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Supply Chain Revolution: Gangs Collaborate to Secure their Firepower


Supply Chain Revolution: Gangs Collaborate to Secure their Firepower  

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  1. 1. make gangs work to get their guns

    • make gangs work to get their guns
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I would like to suggest a new feature that encourages collaboration and teamwork among gangs. My proposal is to introduce a system where gangs are responsible for transporting/getting guns from a central location to their respective bases.The idea is to create an immersive experience where gangs must coordinate their efforts to secure and deliver firearms. A designated location will serve as the hub for obtaining the weapons. Gang members will need to organize themselves to safely transport the guns back to their base while navigating the challenges of rival gangs and law enforcement.By implementing this feature, we promote interaction between gangs and enhance the role-playing and activity aspect of SAES RPG. It encourages collaboration, strategic planning, and fosters a sense of camaraderie among gang members.

We invite the community to share their thoughts and suggestions on this idea.

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