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Ammar's Application


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In-game Name: Ammar .
Account username: ammarali2005 .

Age: 17 .
Joined the server on (Date): I joined the server in 2016 and went inactive then started playing again in 2019.
Events topic link: (If applicable): Check Discord #lws-wannabe channel.

Events you see yourself doing if you get to join L.W.S:  Last Man Standing / Chicken Shooter / Kill the L.W.S / Parkour / Lucky Nade / Races / First one to warp / Team Death Match / Land on my car /  Drop me Off from my bike / etc.... ( Including an new types for example i already did like 10 New types in my applications and i will try to do more creative events and new types ) .
Let us know your current Gang/Groups memberships: 
Black~Bullets || All Load Trucking || Cuban Cars || San Andreas Studios || Outbreak Organization || Radio San Andreas || ZIP Constructions || San Andreas Fire Dept.  || San Andreas Medic || Cunning Stunts || RaceTech || San Andreas Transportation Service || Brinks || San Andreas Interceptors.

Explain what you understand by our motto, "Exclusivity, Quality and Fun": L.W.S is the Creativity of the fun that makes everybody in saes spend their time doing some events and some exciting challenges.

Explain why you want to join L.W.S:  I would like to join L.W.S because i am having fun hosting things and i would like to host some events and actually i am very active member and i guess that if anyone asked for L.W.S member i will respond in a secounds and you can find me 24/7 in SAES server.
Are you a former L.W.S Trusted Member?: No, I am not.

State something briefly about yourself: My real name is Ammar, I am very active in SAES, I am not TroubleMaker, I like having new friends, I am Fast learner and Oppeying my leader's orders and i would like to learn more and i guess i have a good Knowledge about SAES.

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