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Your ingame username: linus111560
Your ingame alias: Linkan
Your real name: Linus
Your DOB: 16/12/97 00:00
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Sweden
Country of residence: Sweden
Language skills: Egnlish , Swedish
English Proficiency: I would say quite good. Could be better

How long you have been playing: I've been here from 2010/2011 with some pauses
Your strengths:

  • Quick Learner. I always look forward to learning new things whether what it may be. I can easily understand new information in a short amount of time aslong as its properly instructed to me in a way where details is not left out.
  • Stress Resistant. I'm good at being stress resistant and I can stay calm in stressful situations and maintain my work ability at a good level. Where I don't panic, I instead take a few deep breaths and continue calmly with what I'm doing
  • Eager to learn. While it might not seem like it. I'm very interested actually in anything that I comes across infront of me, and I'd more than likely learn more about it whether it may be an old history of some kind or a language that I find interesting. As I stated earlier, I do look forward to learning new things and this is because I do have the interest to learn things and ways how to work on. As I do also see improvements interesting because it brings new ways to work and new views to see things at a different way.
  • Meticulous. I'm very meticulous when I work on things and detailed, I want it to be top class on my projects that I hand in and on time. I can spend a little too much time on things because I want it to be perfect as I am a perfectionist when it comes to stuff that i enjoy and find fun.
  • Leader. I've always known that I'm quite a good leader and know who to put where and what. But the last few years, I've got the chance to become one of the group leaders at work. This skill has growth alot for during these last years by handling alot of people at once and still know how to get the job done and in time for the next shift and at the same time be calm and handle stressfully situations when stuff doesn't work out as it was originally planned and i need to find a new solution to work around that.
  • Active. I have been active for past 10 years with breaks but I have maintained consistent activity from last year and will continue to be one. Even though I work full time, I spend most of my free time watching the SAES discord/forums even if I don't write anything, I'm still there in the background. And when I have time, I sit down at my computer to log into the server.
  • Forum Experience. Over the years, I have had some forum moderator actions on various sections of the SAES Forum and I have also been in other communities and administrating their forum software, so I have some knowledge of administrating a forum.



Your weaknesses:

  • Multitasking. Unfortunately, I have a hard time doing too much at the same time. For example. if I have 2 conversations at the same time, I usually say the same thing to both parties, or I forget what I was going to tell both parties. And need to start over. So I stick to a maximum of one or two things at a time to maintain the quality. That said, I can have a discussion and play/sort other things at the same time. But I usually get stuck holding 2 conversations at the same time.
  • Shy. I can be a bit shy at first before I get comfortable with all the new people I don't know. But as soon as I'm comfortable, I can hardly stop talking. I can get comfortable with some very quickly depending on how they treat me.
  • Inconvenient working hours. Unfortunately, I work inconvenient working hours, which means that I only work nights / evenings every other week. But as I said before, most of my free time is spent on this community even though I work such crazy hours. I see this as quite a good opportunity for me as this role as I see both what happens during normal evenings and very dark times when no one else in the Clan is online and has their eyes open.

Member of the SAES discord server: Yes

Reason for application: I am applying for Community Staff as I believe that I would be a good asset to the players and the community. Since my experience after all these years in this community, I have enough knowledge and experience to be able to help anyone who needs help with anything. I think it's fun to help other players with things they don't understand and can't solve. As I consider myself to be a problem solver, I enjoy solving riddles and problems where you have to think outside the box and succeed in a way that both parties are satisfied with what came out. I also see then that I play at such different times each week is also something that would help a lot as I have eyes on the players and the server during all possible time zones. And as I said before, I have an eye for detail and I see that as a very good point to succeed in this role. After all the years I've played here and had fun, I feel that it's finally my turn to give something back to the community and I believe that with this role as Community Staff I can help others who need my help and do my utmost to succeed with their needs. I have also volunteered to help the Gang management with some simple tasks such as counting posts, where in the past I have also helped them solve bugged gates, markers and bases.

Unique qualities you can offer: Everything that I wrote in the "Strengths part" and that I am a happy and positive person who wants to have fun and just enjoy my time. So I want to help others and this community to become even bigger and better every day. Want to share my experience and my passion to new and current players out there. As a unique strength I would call it is that I have an eye for detail and see things that some would not see at all.

Server Memberships: Killing Joke , Cuban Cars HQ , LWS Trusted , ALT Assistant Manager of Mechanic Division, SAM EMS Division

Additional information: I think most people here already know who I am. But I'll do a little brief about who I really am. I'm Linus and I live in a medium-sized city in the middle of Sweden with my two cats, Lex & Lilo and my partner. We currently live in a terraced house and I currently work at the local DHL Terminal here in our city. Where I drive a forklift and load/unload arriving and departing trucks, then we sort all consignments and place them in the respective distribution car for delivery. I mostly spend my free time with my partner or at the computer where I mostly play SAES. Otherwise, I'm out socializing with people. My interests are all types of vehicles that have an engine and computers. I also have some technical knowledge of computers and also some basics of some programming languages. But I haven't found the motivation and reason to learn them fully.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Yes
Previous (legitimate) bans: Yes

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Thank you for your interest in joining the SAHA/CS team.

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank you for applying. We are fortunate to have many well-qualified candidates apply for this position. After careful consideration, we are sad to inform you that you will be moving forward and joining the CS team.

We’re really excited about our growing community and would like to wish you good luck in the task ahead. You will be contacted with further instructions later on.



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