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Your ingame username: eleos
Your ingame alias: chaplin
Your real name: Eleos
Your DOB: 22/10/96 00:00
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Greek
Country of residence: Greece
Language skills: Greek, English
English Proficiency: Intermediate

How long you have been playing: 12 years, since 2011.

Your strengths: 
One of my biggest strengths is being a creative individual who possesses a genuine desire to assist others and empathetically understand their needs. I have consistently demonstrated a selfless and compassionate nature, always going the extra mile to support those around me. Whether it's lending a listening ear, providing insightful advice, or offering practical assistance, I exhibit a genuine desire to improve the lives of others. By helping others and understanding their needs makes me an exceptional creative problem-solver. With that unique combination of skills, I have no doubt that I will continue to inspire and make a significant positive impact wherever this creative journey takes me.

Your weaknesses: 
The truth is that I possess a remarkable ability to recognize instances of power abuse and racism, and I am unafraid to voice my concerns and stand up for what is right. However, it is important to note that my strong emotions and deep-seated frustrations regarding these issues can sometimes lead to moments of anger. While my anger is a natural response to the injustices I may witness, it is crucial to find constructive ways to channel this energy. Exploring healthy outlets for my emotions, such as engaging in dialogue, can help transform my anger into positive action.

Member of the SAES discord server: Yes

Reason for application:
In my real life I work as an artist in many different fields such as music, cinema, radio, theater. I am around this server many years and I consider myself as an experienced and loyal player. I am a positive guy and I try to help my teammates have fun whenever I log-in. I have an innate ability to foster a sense of comfort and inclusivity among players, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and valued. I also focus on meeting new people and embrace players from all backgrounds and skill levels. I infuse the gaming experience with laughter, enthusiasm, and a sense of adventure. My positive energy is contagious, and it uplifts the spirits of those around me, making the gameplay not just entertaining but also memorable.

Unique qualities you can offer: 
My creative abilities are a true asset, as I have an innate talent for bringing new and imaginative elements to any game I play. My ideas and suggestions breathe life into the game, captivating the players and sparking their imaginations as well. Moreover, my ability to adapt and improvise ensures that the game remains dynamic and exciting. Last, but not least, the past 6 months I made lots of custom wraps and skins for new donated vehicles and gangs/groups updated skins. I found it very exciting to help this server get fresh designs.

Server Memberships: CDC [Lvl. 5] | Radio SA [Dj] | ALT [Advanced Mechanic] | San Andreas Transportation Services [VIP] |

Additional information: I would like to thank you for taking some time to read my application and wish good luck to all the other players who are willing to help the server as community staff members.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Adminjail for DM as far as I remember.
Previous (legitimate) bans: No.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the SAHA/CS team.

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank you for applying. We are fortunate to have many well-qualified candidates apply for this position. After careful consideration, we are sad to inform you that you will be moving forward and joining the SAHA team.

We’re really excited about our growing community and would like to wish you good luck in the task ahead. You will be contacted with further instructions later on.



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