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Your ingame username: moemen12
Your ingame alias: Orten
Your real name: Moemen
Your DOB: 18/08/05 00:00
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Tunisian
Country of residence: Tunisia
Language skills: Arabic and English
English Proficiency: B1

How long you have been playing: Since 2016
Your strengths: Patience, Mature, Attention to detail problem solving communication leadership etc..
Your weaknesses: No weaknesses for now!

Member of the SAES discord server: Yes

Reason for application: Well, I could help in the game, I respect the rules, I'm a good guy, helping the community, even contributing ideas to grow. I've seen the most appropriate place here, and I'm willing to give my life for this. Also, I am a person able to respond to all kinds of situations highly respect my superiors and I try to learn more every day so I can grow in knowledge of the server and official rules and improve my career on the server.

Unique qualities you can offer: I am very active ingame, I can help some peoples who in need to SAHA always, also a trust worthy person!

Server Memberships: Vory v Zakone || San Andreas Studios || San Andreas Transportation INC. || Global Express Trucking Co. || Cunning Stunts || San Andreas Medics || San Andreas Fire Department || Cuban Cars || San Andreas Interceptors || Radio SA
Additional information: Well, my real name is Moemen and known as Orten ingame I'm born and raised in Tunisia. I'm a really mature person, who shows both respect and honor in my work. I respect every person  ingame I don't really care about their ranks or their status that won't affect, and I'd do anything to serve them. I'm a well-skilled, and at the same time a really loved person. I've got alot of compliments for my good roleplaying abilities, and at the same time for my clean and understandable langauge. I'm a person who writes alot, and I also like to. Also besides that, I'm a fast keyboard typer, which is good. I do not suffer from any mental diseases, which makes me stable.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Few mutes only
Previous (legitimate) bans: I got a ban last year for breaking rule#16

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  • Orten1 changed the title to [SAHA APPLICATION]: Orten
  • 1 month later...

Thank you for your interest in joining the SAHA/CS team.

On behalf of the management team we'd like to thank you for your interest in joining CS staff. We have reviewed the applications for the position of Community Staff and have chosen to proceed with a few of them.

We regret to inform you we will not proceed with yours. We would however like to save your application on file for any relevant positions that come up in the future.



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