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Drug Shipment


Do you like the idea and wish to see it on the Server?  

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  1. 1. Do you like the idea and wish to see it on the Server?


Drug Shipment.

This is an activity that can be participated by both cops & criminals of the server and CLO, DE & HLS would also be able to partake in the activity as well. It is similar to the current house/store robbery system with a twist, making it similar to the turf war system. I'll explain how the resource works below.

- The activity will be triggered if there are more than 5 cops & criminals online.
- Any law enforcement or criminal team/group is permitted to participate in the activity.
- Headshot will be a feature in this activity. (If approved by SAES HQ/Development team)

How exactly does the activity work?

There will be random areas around the map which will randomly be chosen and whichever area is automatically selected there will be three (3) markers in the area. Each marker will be marked, named & visible on the map. In order to claim a marker, either side must be inside to get the percentage up until it reaches to the maximum percentage. Either side can contest the marker or bring the percentage down by going inside the marker as opposite sides.

The maximum percentage is 100. If there are more cops than criminals inside the marker, the cop percentage will rise faster than the criminal's percentage. Same way vice versa. Whichever side reaches 100 on all markers win. Anyone nearby the area is rewarded with bonus money & anyone who wasn't around the col shape to be rewarded will still receive a minor reward for participation.

Why would this be a great addition?

I feel like it would be a great addition because it'll add more things to be able to do in the Server. It'll be nice to be able to team up together to fight for territories, have more entertainment, have another way to demolish UE (as they swear they're good) and more.


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