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Suggestion for Bank Robberies and Casino Robberies[SOLVED]



Actually since Cops are more active than crims now it is like 17 crims and 19 cops and more crims went to cop side and lot of new squads showed up so what about removing somthing to make it more fair play for boths teams just remove (Kill Arrest or Taze inside the bank ) because it is actually hard to keep holding for 2min or more with 17 crims vs 18 cops while they are respawning in their (props/houses) near the bank and comming inside the bank again every 5-10sec and (arrest by killing or tazing or etc...) and when we get arrested we should wait for a jb and that hardly happen or we should just wait 300sec so we can get back to the bank and i guess if crackers got arrested they will wait and that is a waste of time in the bank it is like going to be 2min left to crack the rest of safes and when you go back while cops have the bank and 3rd cracked and you have just 2 min to go in and take back the bank and kill the 2 guys spraying in 1st door and kill the guys who keep spamming shooting with Combat Shotgun or M4 so it is really alot of advantages for cops and to be honest it is hard when it be in SF/LV tho they have HLS and if we have CLO they would get DE too so mention me the good things for crims if all of that just for cops so  you can just make a rule like in turfs "You Cant spawn in your (house/prop) in turf zone only Hospital or Base" for cops or you can just make the countdown time in bank as it is from 20min to 0 (for the reset) and even if we cracked 3rd while it is 15min it stays at is it and dont go suddenly from 15min to 5min so at least we have some opportunity to return back the bank and kill everysingle cop in the bank , So i dont know to be honest in my opinion i feel if we did anything from the above we can maybe make the activity more balanced for each teams , i wish if i can see your opinion.

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