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Quality's Application


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Ingame username: 5ichit
Ingame nickname: I am currently known as Quality
Previous nicknames: I was using that name "Renekton"
Age: I am now currently 19 years old

Date started playing on SAES: I Started Playing on SAES Since 2019

Current memberships: I am All Load Trucking ( ALT ) only

Previous memberships: I Was Part of Federal Bureau Investigation ( FBI ) and The Outfit aka ( O )

Previous punishments/bans: I don't have any

My strengths: I'm a Loyal,Respected And Faithful Person That Can Support Gang's Members And Help Them Also I'm an Experienced And Skilled Player That Can Bring All Gis Efforts And Power

My weaknesses: To be Honest Nothing For Now maybe Sometimes Fps drop That's all

Additional information: I'm a Male Called Imed and I'm 19 Years old. I'm a Really Mature Person Compared To my Age. I'm a Good Social Person, And I Love To Meet New People And Make New Friends. 
In my case I want to be accepted because I am a person able to respond to all kinds of situations highly respect my superiors and I try to learn more every day so I can grow in knowledge of the server and official rules and improve my career as a Criminal in SAES.

I agree to the rules of this organisation: Yes, of course
I agree to the rules of the community/server: Yes, I do

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