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I have some ideas & suggestions I want to share with the community. Hopefully, if anyone likes them, please leave your opinion below whether you want to see it and if not, explain why. These ideas would benefit both cops & criminals and as well as the server as it'll bring more (fun) things to do.

1st idea: Eliminate the Target

This is similar to a PROTECT THE PRESIDENT activity but considering Government is already a thing, I highly doubt it will be replaced with this idea so instead of even trying, we can come up with a similar idea named something else.

How would the idea work? Any random player (1) will be able to spawn as this class. When someone spawns as it, the activity will automatically trigger. While the job is active, people would be able to spawn as a private spawn named "Target Guard" which will only be available for X amount of players. (Perhaps 5 or more depending on player count) This will be a Police job, so any cop/law enforcement member would be able to participate in the activity and guard the target.

Script functions

  • Target

- A special vehicle with a special script along with it. Perhaps make it a Limousine (Stretch) or any other vehicle. This vehicle would be considered heavy and resistant to explosives. Perhaps allow the vehicle to be repaired every 15 seconds if no damage has been applied to it
- A blip attached to the target so both cops and criminals are able to identify where the target is located

  • Police

- Reward for each arrest or kill around the target
- Big bonus for any cop nearby who manages to protect the target until is over

  • Criminal

- Reward for each kill around the target
- Big bonus for any criminal nearby who manages to kill the target

This activity will take a maximum of 15 minutes. Should the target be eliminated before the time is over, the criminals will win the activity. Should the target be defended for the 15 minutes, both the target and any cop nearby is rewarded for keeping the target safe.

2nd idea: Police Pursuit

Currently, there is a very good built Racer script system on the game. What about either replacing the current system or adding an additional racing script with some tweaks to it? Here is my idea. This activity will take place in another dimension.

Every once in a while, there will be a message being output to whomever want to participate in the activity. Should you be part of a police or criminal team, you will be able to participate. Now lets explain how the idea will work.

  • Police

- If you are part of a Police team, you will join with a random police vehicle. As part of the police team, your job will be to stop the racers from reaching their destination by any means necessary. 
- Cops will be able to drop stingers in order to stop the racers from reaching their destination or by physically destroying the racer's vehicles with their cruisers. Upon a cop either catching a racer by stinger or by destroying the vehicle, the cop will receive a reward.

  • Criminal

- If you are part of the Criminal team, you will join with a chosen vehicle for the race. You will have to reach your destination without being stopped by the Police and should you make it, you will be rewarded.

Depending on how the script will be implemented, the following should be considered: 

- Disabling drive by from drivers & passengers
- Disabling enter/exit from vehicles

3rd idea: Player vs Player

This is an idea I had in mind to bring into the server. Perhaps make a PVP area where players are able to join via a command like /pvp and just be able to headshot, use duals (or not), play for money, etc.


Since there is already an area for that, what would be nice is to have a command like /pvp <player name> <amount> and upon the player accepting the request, both will be warped into the PVP area on opposite sides. Upon a countdown, they'll go against each other. If the player quits, disconnects or times out or loses by death, the opposite player will win the amount. This will definitely create competition in the game. Perhaps an output message on main chat or top-bar which says "*PVP* Player vs Player has begun a match for $X" and an output when it finishes.

4th idea: Automatic Events

Yes I am aware that there is an event group and should players/organizations want to create an event, they should go by LWS. Now, that is nice and everything but I have my own idea of an automatic event system.

It will be nice to see automatic events be generated by the server. Of course that would have to be built but it'll be worth it as it can run throughout the whole day, including when there aren't any LWS members online. Events such as LMS, Destruction Derby, Fallout and Racing would go a long way and will increase not only the activity but there'll be more possibilities in the game.

Event prize can vary based on the player count or event participants. The more player count or event participants, the bigger the reward will be. The prize itself won't matter to players, just as long as they will be able to join and participate will be a huge thing.

I have a built automatic event system. It works like this:

  1. You will be able to warp from any location in the map.
  2. Weapons are automatically saved & stored in a temporary table, removed upon joining & given back upon exiting the event. This serves a purpose so players do not abuse their current weapons/have an advantage or disadvantage over other participants.
  3. Your location is saved from anywhere in the map, inside or outside. Should you exit or finish the event, you'll return back to where you warped from.
  4. The winner of the event is automatically chosen to the last player alive. Upon the event being finished, everything returns to normality as if you were never part of the event.
  5. Prize varies on event type, a fallout event will pay lower than a LMS event would.
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@Brophy @NanoBob @Steven @Scorpyo

SAES HQ & Developers, should you consider the idea & like it, I have the code to share with you. I would like to contribute into making more general activities to be able to participate in with different concepts into each activity. 

Two of the resources I have ready:

Eliminate the Target / Protect the President - Triggers as a public activity. The script would create temporary spawns, namely 'The Target' & 'Target Guard'. They will only be available while the activity is active. Upon activity being ended, the spawns will auto destruct themselves. 

Automatic Events - Each event is unique, some have weapons and some are just vehicles only. It differs by the event type as so does the prize for the winner. Every class would be able to participate & certain abilities are automatically disabled (arresting, rubber bullets, etc.) for disadvantaging purposes. Everything works automatically, the count of the participants, the fall of the objects in events like Fall out / Destruction Derby over the water and winners are automatically chosen to the last person alive. Upon the participants all being removed, each return to their original spot they left from.

As for PVP & Police Pursuit, I don't have ready those were just ideas. Of course, I would work on it and show it below when is ready. Would both be a cool addition to keep players entertained. 

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