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remove tazer (silenced pistol) damage



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Since the function that handles the criminals being tased is server-sided, this wouldn't be possible.

There is a solution for everything though. A line would have to be added on the server-side function to only work when the suspect itself has a higher or equal to X amount of health. Then add a function on the client only to work for the suspect having less than the X amount of health used for the server-side function. This will make it possible to disable the suspect from losing health/being killed by an officer.

This idea can also be implemented further to be able to manipulate when to trigger from the client or server depending on the suspect's health, ping, etc. This can serve multiple purposes like mentioned above, players being low amounts of HP and being killed by cops. Other purposes could be when certain players lag, that can also be fixed by a simple line of code to decide when to be used on either sides should that be client or server.

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Not a bad idea however if you think about it RP wise the suspect is nearly dead and to taze him is beyond his endurance.

Anyways I'm neutral, it's always funny to beat their asses with nightstick at that point 2 easy stats๐Ÿ˜‰

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