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Fatroucha's application


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Ingame username: ahhh
Ingame nickname: Fatroucha
Previous nicknames: N/A
Age: 17

Date started playing on SAES: 04/11/20 00:00

Current memberships: Cunning Stunts / Donator / San Andreas Transportation Service (Junior Pilot)

Previous memberships: F.B.I / The Company / Ghost Triad / MI-6 / JK / SaS / TMH

Previous punishments/bans: I got banned for spamming / insulting an admin.

My strengths: I've been playing around for quite long period, I've gained a lot of skills/knowlege such as killing cops/driving etc..

My weaknesses: Sometimes lag / Drop Fps

Additional information: I'm fatroucha, named as Islem in real life. 17 Years old and I'm a teenager.

I agree to the rules of this organisation: Yes
I agree to the rules of the community/server: Yes

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We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. We appreciate your interest, however, due to a lack of trust in your loyalty, we are unable to proceed with your application at this time. To ensure that your request is given more consideration, kindly reapply in a week from now.
Sincere gratitude for your patience.

Comando Da Capital HQ Team ~

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