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New suggestions about Bank Robs and Casino Robs.[SOLVED]



As we all know SAES has low player count nowadays and cop sides count is getting worse everyday. Accordingly trying to rob banks,casino becomes even more of a headache.

Considering that the majority of the server playing in crim side, none of us can have fun doing Store Robberies for hours. (Cant even find a cop to kill in sr).


After waiting long time to get enough cops and when we organize with the other criminals suddenly a cop leaves the game. That's just waste of our time and effort. Maybe lowering the online cop requirements to 5 might fix this issue a bit.

[Bank Robs]:

There are only a few gangs left on the server, and Bank Robs are a common fun for all of us these days. We know Admins want to keep the crim and cop side in balance, but the 50 crims that keep the server alive cant have fun. Maybe you can bring back the old BR system and make the server more enjoyable for us, robbing a bank without cops is better than not robbing a bank at all. Or maybe you can just make it better by lowering the cop requirements from 10 to 5.

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