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SAES Is Dying For This Reason (change my mind)


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I feel very bad for SAES a server with the potential to be the best of MTA but unfortunately it is not because they are led by self-centered people who only believe they are right and do not listen to their community ever. sadly the server is dying for this reason the simple fact that the opinion of a person is above all.

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14 hours ago, Kazzibo said:

The game is nearly 20 years old and younger players are just exposed to better games with better technology, it was always bound to happen. Its not just the server its MTA as a whole.

What this guy said. 

Look on the other big MTA servers around. If you check theirs player base today and how it used to be 2-3 years ago. They've also lost 50% off their player base. Its MTA dying not SAES.  Check it by a precentage view and you'll see it yourself 😉 @luffy

But about ur opinion your free to think whatever you want so stick with that. But luckily thats not the reason why the player base is low. And if that would've been the case im pretty sure the server would had been dead for years ago instead. We have to remember all the devs and those working with this community is doing it for free during their spare time, so we cant force anyone to do stuff as fast we ask them too. Even tho i myself think some stuff is delayed too long. But in the end theirs people just like me and you doin these stuff we are asking for which we have to respect for what they actually do for us "players" as its a choice they choose to make during their spare time.. even tho we might not like everything they do we should be happy anyways that they are here running this for us to enjoy!

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@KazziboI don't think that is the main reason since most of the players in saes have a decent pc and many have a very good pc for example me, putting aside that the players in mta are the same amount as a few years ago. The simple fact that a game is old does not make it bad. A clear example would be LoL only takes 5 years to GTA SA and it is still the most played game to date and why? simply because they always listen to their community and make them feel comfortable even though the game is quite toxic.

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covid lockdown was in 2020, I'm talking about two years ago and these servers still have the same amount of players, also adding that it is possible that they do not listen to their community either and that is why this is also happening to them.

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