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Fandi's application


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Ingame username: fandi123
Ingame nickname: Fandi
Previous nicknames: Fandi
Age: 21

Date started playing on SAES: 13/07/16 00:00

Current memberships: ALT

Previous memberships: SAFP / FBI

Previous punishments/bans: i got a one ban and two AJ's

My strengths: My confidence in myself and the will in me in difficult times makes me someone else and the teamwork and my skills

My weaknesses: I'm someone who doesn't have difficulties that make me fall, but I'm facing difficulties such as low ping or FPS

Additional information: I'm Mohammed, I am 21. I’m known In-game as Fandi, I like playing games,Call of duty /Pubg moblie in my free time. I've started playing on them but then moved to Multi Theft Auto. I've been playing SAES for almost 6 - 7 years. I've already quite some friends playing who is my in-real life friends as well.

I agree to the rules of this organisation: Yes
I agree to the rules of the community/server: Yes
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