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ZIP - Oscar's Portfolio


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Welcome to my ZIP Portfolio. Hope you like what you see and maybe find some good content. Best regards /Oscar


Name: Oscar

Account-name: oscar1999

Rank within ZIP: Supervisor

Current number of constructions: [34] (Revised 2023-12-06)

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alt text

Construction Title: Revamp highway

Construction number: 1

Number of objects: Unfortunetly the code was not to be saved due to some bug with pastebin.

Link to the code pastebin: Unfortunetly the code was not to be saved due to some bug with pastebin.

Linkt to album: https://imgur.com/a/1ELSZt4

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alt text

Construction Title: AFK Arena LVX

Construction number: 13

Number of objects: 216

Link to the code pastebin: https://pastebin.com/1er606TV

Link to the album: https://imgur.com/a/HJUPdvN

(I wanted to write a few words describing my choice of this build)

LVx perhaps has been and probably still is the most common place to chill and afk. Therefor I decided to make my own version of this afk arena so to speak. With features such sa, dj booth for SA Radio to play music, a barrel block to stop any car from ruining the fun, plenty of seating area by your own choice. Thank you for taking your time to read this and hopefully you will find my arena somewhat useful and enjoyable in the future.

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alt text

Construction TItle: Modern Luxury House

Construction number: 18

Number of objects: 459

Link to pastebin: https://pastebin.com/LzHTKL4w

Link to album: https://imgur.com/a/HJUdkh4

I wanted to take this to the next level and add some story to this construction where I will define numerous things such as reasons for using a particilar object etc.

Construction story: 


In every construction you have a few objects that you use mainly for the structure. These things can be walls, roof, doors, windows etc. What I define as a new modern and luxury house is a lot of space, plenty of room and ofcourse luxury of having an outdoor place for yourself that is very distant and unaccessable by no one else but you.

I decided to use the object wall. The decision behind the object was simply because of the height and size was very optimal for the usage I had in mind. The wall is barely bigger than the windows 2 that I used between the walls on placed locations to maximize the daylight income and view. In Between every window I used Small Steel Cord to distance and highlight the windows from the walls. 

The roof and middle floor has been reinforced with steel bars to prevent any collapse. Underneat and over these bars did I use a standard large tarmac as roof and floor. The steel bars were also added to the roof with extra bars to counter the weight of the solar panels I added for our green friends.


In floor number one I wanted the kitchen that was added in the corner with a dining table and 6 seats. Very standard nowdays. Joining the kitchen is the main bedroom that I wanted somewhat special. To make this room stick out I wanted a unique layout that made the walls to not align with the rest of the building. All the bedrooms are equiped with a bed, bookshelf, desk with a pc and a comfortable chair 2.
We can also find the exit towards the outdoor space that have been adjusted with classy outdoor friendly seats and plants. 
Lets not forget that every floor needs a bathroom so this has also been added to this floor. The bathroom have the basics such as a bathtub, toilet and sink to was your hands.
Last but not least. The private server room to privatise all the computer storage and usage. Given that the house is striking for luxury this was a critical need for the house.

Floor number two got a another bedroom that has been equiped with the same objects as the one in floor one. Worth noting is that both beds are doublebed! 
The bathroom is substancially larger and the reason behind this decision is that the next room that I will reveal can be a bit crowded durring the gaming nights and therefor in need of a larger bathroom.
I previously mention a room that involve gaming nights. This room has been displayed with 4 billiard tables and a dj set 2. This is to place a mood while playing and overall increase the experience.
Lastly I added a massive hallway that binds this floor together.

But Oscar? How do you access second floor? To answer this question is that I built stairway that can be displayed in pictures. The objects for the stairs are step 2.

The entrance is modern and got window 2 displayed on each side. Double door is also added. I believe that every luxury house got a entrance that is visibly shown to state where you enter the house.

At last! The last thing I want to highlight is the roof that has been equiped with the lastest solar panels to give green energy to the house.

Hope you find this story interesting and enjoyable. Maybe even inspiring.

Have the best! 



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