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raceTECH is a criminal/civilian RP role of street racers. Think... "Fast and Furious" but the first two films, not after that. Mechanics by day, illegal street racers by night, that sorta stuff. We are open to requests from other organizations to work as a means of transport for your goods. Maybe you want something 'moving' from one side of San Andreas to another? Give us a call...



Established in 2012, since that time we have always been regarded as some of the best mechanics in San Andreas, and unarguably the best racers. During the day, we work on cars. We fix anyone's vehicles if they request, and we also provide upgrades for the track, as well as the street. We also provide special upgrades for our members, ensuring they always have the best possible vehicle for their needs. But during the night... this is where the fun happens. Parties on the street and racing against each other for cash, parts and pink slips... this isn't exactly legal, so the occasional run from the police isn't something we aren't used to. But with out rides, we'll never be caught.









  • Respect the SAES rules and follow them just like you would in any other class you're spawned.
  • Do not argue and disrespect other members of raceTECH. There is no rank structure here other than HQ > others, you're all equal.
  • You must turn up for raceTECH roleplays with a 0 star wanted level. Have another rT member or friend spawn as a cop if you are in need of a bribe.
  • <rTECH> tag must be worn at raceTECH events and roleplays. If you're playing the game normally (spawned as LWS or just racing etc) then the tag is not needed.
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