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Hi All,

Since we have moved to this forum software, we have been able to access a feature called "Clubs".

Clubs allows people to maintain their own section, moderators, members and also allows people to setup forums, pages etc without the need of waiting for an admin to set them up manually.

All your private topics, posts etc is still available and would be moved to either option you choose.

With this in mind, I've setup a poll to decide what you would like to do going forward.

  1. Use clubs for maintaining your own private section of the forum with minimal need to contact an admin to maintain your area.
    (We currently don't have a way to make it partially open and partially closed in a club, so you would still need a topic in the gang/group/civ forum for your applications as clubs are private).
  2. Go back to the old method of waiting for admins to setup private forum sections for people to use, however this time round, we would not be setting up groups, we would set "passwords" on forums which you would need to wait for admins to change (which would get boring quick, as you would potentially need to change it each time you kick or someone leaves to stop them viewing your private content)

You can vote and give your opinions here: 

The poll ends on Friday 6th Jan, 8:30am GMT

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