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SAES:RPG and GTA 6 - Reality or Fiction?


SAES:RPG and GTA 6  

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Hi all, hope you're doing well.

What are the chances that GTA 6 allows for something like MTA? Will Rockstar try to make their own "RP" servers? It seems that even FiveM and RageMP servers are basically "illegal" per Rockstar statement or at the very least, violates a lot of their rules, but they don't enforce it?

One comment under this video says:  "I feel like they did this so they can shut down all the servers when gta 6 comes out.  They are going to slowly shut down servers so they can be like we told you in advanced and kept giving you reminders."

It would be cool if the next GTA allows for something like SAES to prosper & become huge again, like MTA did to San Andreas. Will GTA 6 be the death of RP servers as we know it?

P.S. I remember SAES:RPG was supposed to become a thing in GTA 5(more than just rockstar clubs), but I believe Brophy mentioned something a couple years back along the lines of "FiveM is basically not good enough for our needs and even if we do decide to make a server, it would probably be using RAGEMP." His answers must be somewhere in the forums still. Not sure if progress has been made or not, but it seems that when GTA 6 comes out, GTA 5 and multiplayer stuff will be dead.




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