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~We thrive in the shadows~







The Rise of Vory v Zakone

1976 - The Formation of "Vory v Zakone"

In the gritty streets of Moscow in 1976, a group of ambitious and ruthless individuals came together to form what would become the notorious criminal organization known as Vory v Zakone, which translates to "Thieves in Law" in Russian. This diverse group consisted of seasoned criminals, including former KGB agents, skilled burglars, and street thugs, all bound by a common goal – to gain power and control through criminal enterprises.

1980s - Expanding Influence Throughout the 1980s

Vory v Zakone solidified its influence across Russia and its neighboring countries. They became involved in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and extortion. Their reputation for violence and cunning tactics made them a force to be reckoned with in the criminal underworld.

1990s - Turf Wars and Political Ties As the Soviet Union collapsed

Vory v Zakone capitalized on the ensuing chaos, expanding their territory and forging alliances with corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials. They thrived in the post-Soviet era, amassing wealth and power.

Early 2000s - The Digital Age With the dawn of the digital age

Vory v Zakone adapted to new opportunities, engaging in cybercrime, money laundering, and hacking. They continued to flourish financially, while their criminal empire grew globally.

2010s - A Move to San Andreas By the 2010s

Vory v Zakone had become a transnational criminal organization with tentacles stretching across Europe, Asia, and even into the Americas. In 2018, they set their sights on San Andreas, a fictional state within the United States, known for its thriving criminal underworld. Seeing it as a land of new opportunities, they began infiltrating the region discreetly.

2020 - Establishing a Foothold By 2020

Vory v Zakone had successfully established a foothold in San Andreas. They used their global connections to smuggle drugs, weapons, and contraband into the state, leveraging their reputation for brutal tactics to intimidate local gangs and law enforcement.

2022 - Taking Over San Andreas The year 2022 marked a turning point

Vory v Zakone launched a full-scale campaign to take control of San Andreas. They exploited political corruption, infiltrated key industries, and waged a brutal war against rival criminal organizations. Their mastery of both traditional and modern criminal enterprises gave them an edge.

As the year drew to a close, Vory v Zakone had nearly achieved their goal of becoming the dominant criminal force in San Andreas, just as they had done in Russia decades earlier. They operated in the shadows, their criminal network extending its reach into every corner of the state.

Now, as Vory v Zakone tightened its grip on San Andreas, the once-thriving criminal landscape faced an unprecedented threat. Law enforcement agencies and rival gangs were left scrambling, while the Vory v Zakone seemed poised to continue their reign of terror, both in Russia and across the ocean in their new American stronghold.






Current State: "Vory v Zakone" in San Andreas

As we established a formidable presence in San Andreas by the end of 2022, the organization found itself at a critical juncture. The leaders and members had set ambitious goals for the future, and the current state of the organization reflected both its strengths and its challenges.

1. Organization Level 5: The Quest for Power

Goal: The foremost objective of Vory v Zakone in San Andreas was to attain Organization Level 5 as quickly as possible within the criminal hierarchy. This designation represented the highest level of influence, control, and resources within the organization, and it was seen as a symbol of supreme power and authority.

Progress: We had rapidly climbed the ranks in San Andreas, attaining Organization Level 3 within a year of their arrival. We achieved this through strategic alliances, well-executed heists, and ruthless elimination of rivals. However, reaching Level 5 would require an even greater consolidation of power, including the acquisition of key businesses and assets, as well as the elimination of any remaining competition.

2. Gaining Respect on the Streets

Goal: Respect on the streets was a core principle of Vory v Zakone. We aimed not only to control San Andreas but also to ensure that their presence was acknowledged and feared by every gang, organization, and law enforcement agency in the region. Gaining the respect of their peers was critical to their reputation and longevity.

Progress: Vory v Zakone had made significant strides in gaining respect on the streets. Our ruthless tactics, unwavering loyalty, and strategic alliances had earned them a fearful reputation. However, maintaining respect required constant vigilance and the ability to quell any challenges to their authority swiftly.

3. Becoming the Best Bank Robbers

Goal: Among their many criminal enterprises, Vory v Zakone has a specific aspiration – to become the undisputed masters of bank robbery. This is not merely about the financial gain but also about establishing a legendary status within the criminal world.

Progress: Vory v Zakone had executed several successful bank heists that made headlines across San Andreas. Their precision, planning, and escape strategies were unmatched, and their notoriety as bank robbers was growing. However, the challenge lay in maintaining this status while staying ahead of law enforcement and rival heist crews.

In the current state of Vory v Zakone in San Andreas, the organization was a formidable force, but it faced increasing pressure to achieve its goals. The leadership understood that the road ahead would be fraught with challenges, including increased law enforcement scrutiny, internal power struggles, and rival gang vendettas. Still, the determination to reach Organization Level 5, command respect on the streets, and become the best bank robbers remained the driving force behind their criminal ambitions. The world of San Andreas watched with bated breath as Vory v Zakone continued to write its dark and dangerous legacy in this fictional American state.






  1. Loyalty: Members must be fiercely loyal to the organization and their comrades, putting the gang above all else.

  2. Trustworthiness: Trust is paramount in criminal enterprises; members must be reliable and keep their word.

  3. Secrecy: Maintaining utmost discretion and secrecy is crucial to protect the organization and its members.

  4. Respect: Members should show respect for their superiors, peers, and even rivals, as it helps maintain a sense of order.

  5. Unity: Solidarity among members fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens the organization's power.

  6. Discipline: Adhering to the gang's code of conduct and rules is essential to maintain control and order.

  7. Resourcefulness: Members must be adaptable and resourceful to navigate unexpected challenges.

  8. Integrity: Despite their criminal activities, having a sense of personal integrity within the gang's framework can instill trust.

  9. Ambition: A drive to rise through the ranks and excel in criminal endeavors is encouraged.

  10. Reliability: Being reliable in times of need ensures the gang's success and members' safety.

  11. Cunning: Members should possess street smarts and be able to outwit rivals and law enforcement.

  12. Endurance: The criminal life can be grueling; physical and mental endurance is a valuable trait.

  13. Teamwork: Cooperation and collaboration are vital during heists and other criminal operations.

  14. Adaptability: The criminal landscape is ever-changing; members must be open to new tactics and strategies.

  15. Silent Oath: Swearing an oath of silence, never cooperating with authorities, and maintaining the gang's secrets is the ultimate value.






  • In the Obscurity of Shadows, Our Legacy Endures

Within the clandestine realm we inhabit, our strength lies in the obscurity of our actions. It is paramount that your individual endeavors remain shrouded, never to cast a shadow that could tarnish the sanctity of our organization. Should the inexorable necessity of escalation arise, the responsibility falls upon us to ensure that no loose ends dangle perilously. The code of silence must be upheld with unwavering determination.

  • We Are a Cohesive Family, Bound by Blood and Loyalty

We transcend the mere definition of an organization; we are a tightly-knit family. Within these shadowed alleys, we watch each other's backs and shield one another from the relentless tempests of the outside world. Our loyalty to this family is unwavering, for in unity, we find our strength.

  • Respect: The Keystone of Our Hierarchy

Respect courses through our veins like lifeblood. It is the adhesive that fortifies our ranks and maintains the equilibrium of our established hierarchy. Whether it be superiors, peers, or those newly initiated into our fold, respect is the compass by which we navigate the perilous waters of our criminal world.

  • The Veil of Silence Must Never Waver

In this clandestine existence, the sanctity of our secrets, our locations, our targets, and our very existence as Vory v Zakone must remain resolutely confidential. The echoes of our actions should never find their way to the ears of outsiders; our bond is forged in secrecy.

  • We Are Arbiters of Respectful Resolution

While we do not seek out confrontation, we are no strangers to conflict. When provoked, we respond with grace, choosing the path of resolution over rashness. A Vory v Zakone member finishes what is started, but does so with respect, upholding the honor and integrity of our family.

These principles are etched into the fabric of our existence. They are the pillars upon which Vory v Zakone stands, enduring and resolute. In the shadowed recesses of our world, we honor our legacy and forge ahead, united by our code and our loyalty to the family.






The Extravagance and Hierarchy of "Vory v Zakone": A Deep Dive

Within the enigmatic world of "Vory v Zakone," ostentation and hierarchy are expressed in the most conspicuous of ways. A complex tapestry of wealth and status weaves through the ranks, each layer distinguished by attire, vehicles, and a code of conduct as old as the organization itself.

The Display of Wealth and Status

At the upper echelons of Vory v Zakone, members spare no expense when it comes to displaying their affluence. Expensive clothing adorns their figures, with suits, fedoras, and immaculate tailoring serving as the armor of their status. Dazzling jewelry, glistening with precious gems, glimmers like a badge of honor. High-end cars are the chariots of choice, roaring with power and prestige.

In stark contrast, the lower-ranking members of the organization are defined by their more modest attire. Leather jackets and Adidas tracksuits, often accompanied by a flat cap, embody their presence in the criminal hierarchy. German and Russian vehicles are the daily steeds of these individuals, with the Stratum being the flagship of their fleet. Black SUVs with tinted windows are their silent sentinels, offering little insight into their occupants while maintaining an undeniable aura of authority.

The Vorovsky Zakon: 18 Rules That Govern Lives

At the core of Vory v Zakone lies the Vorovsky Zakon, a set of 18 rules, or the thieves' code, that every vor must live by. These rules, hallowed and sacrosanct, form the backbone of the organization's ethos. To transgress these boundaries is to invite a fate as dire as it is final. The code is not merely a suggestion; it is the very heartbeat of Vory v Zakone.

One of the most profound rules dictates that ties with one's family must be severed. To enter this criminal brotherhood is to forsake the familial bonds that once tethered you. Another rule insists that legitimate work is anathema. Vory v Zakone members subsist in the shadows, their livelihoods rooted in the underworld.

Perhaps one of the most revered principles is the unyielding commitment to honor promises made to fellow thieves. A word given must be a word kept, and betrayal carries a cost beyond measure.

Tales Etched in Ink: Tattoos as a Narrative

The bodies of these enigmatic Russians are veritable canvases, each line and design telling a story. Black ink, etched into their skin, carries meanings that differ with every location. Tattoos are not mere decoration; they are an integral facet of Russian criminal culture. Tradition mandates that respected vory v zakone criminals bear eight-pointed stars on their shoulders. These marks of distinction are often applied during initiation by a revered 'kol'shchiki,' or tattooist, who holds an esteemed position within the organization.

As we delve deeper into the intricate world of Vory v Zakone, we begin to understand that it is a universe of contradictions and unwavering traditions. The extravagant displays of wealth, the strict adherence to the Vorovsky Zakon, and the indelible tattoos etched into their skin all serve to underscore the formidable presence and enigmatic nature of this criminal brotherhood.






"Vory v Zakone": A Vision for Ascendancy and Power in San Andreas

In the ever-evolving criminal landscape of San Andreas, "Vory v Zakone" finds itself at a pivotal juncture, fueled by ambition and driven by a desire to further solidify its dominion. Within the organization, a multifaceted strategy has been laid out, intertwining the pursuit of financial prowess, territorial control, and criminal notoriety.

1. Rebuilding the Glittering Empire in Las Venturas

  • Goal: To resurrect their once-thriving casino in Las Venturas, Vory v Zakone aims to restore it to its former glory, not only as a lucrative front but as a symbol of their indomitable influence.

2. The Need for Speed: Becoming the Fastest Bank Robbers

  • Goal: In the world of high-stakes crime, the pursuit of becoming the fastest bank robbers has become an obsession. Vory v Zakone aspires to hone their craft to execute bank heists with unparalleled swiftness, precision, and daring.

3. Ascending to Organization Level 5: The Ultimate Quest

  • Goal: The ultimate objective is to ascend to Organization Level 5 within the criminal hierarchy. Achieving this status signifies the apex of power, influence, and resources, reinforcing the gang's supremacy.

4. The Weapons Empire: Supplier and Manufacturer

  • Goal: Vory v Zakone seeks to become the paramount supplier and manufacturer of weapons, amassing considerable wealth and influence not only in Los Santos but extending their reach far beyond its borders.

5. Unbreakable Alliances: Reliable Relationships with Fellow Criminal Organizations

  • Goal: The importance of secure and enduring alliances cannot be overstated. Vory v Zakone endeavors to forge unbreakable bonds with other criminal organizations, bolstering their collective strength and influence.

6. The Fronts: Shrouding Our Operations in Secrecy

  • Goal: To shield their illicit endeavors from prying eyes, Vory v Zakone plans to acquire a network of seemingly legitimate fronts. These fronts will not only provide cover but also serve as sources of income.

7. The Arsenal: Warehouse and Weapons Workshop

  • Goal: The acquisition of a dedicated warehouse and weapons workshop is paramount. These facilities will streamline weapons manufacturing, sales, and trafficking, furthering their control over the arms trade.


8. Conquering the Oasis: Las Venturas and Its Casino Dominion

  • Goal: Vory v Zakone sets its sights on conquering Las Venturas, particularly the vibrant casino district that once bore its glittering emblem. The objective is not merely to reclaim this oasis of wealth and indulgence but to transform it into a stronghold of their criminal empire.
  • As they gaze upon the sprawling neon-lit streets and the lavish casinos that once belonged to them, Vory v Zakone envisions a revival that goes beyond financial gain. Their aspiration is to restore the casino section of Las Venturas not only as a bastion of illicit profits but also as a symbol of their unyielding dominion over San Andreas. This ambitious endeavor, while fraught with challenges, underscores their determination to carve their name deep into the annals of criminal history.


9. Diversification: Expansion into Human Trafficking and Protection Racketeering

  • Goal: Beyond their core enterprises, Vory v Zakone seeks diversification by expanding into additional criminal trades, such as human trafficking and protection racketeering. These ventures promise increased revenue and control.
  • In the shadowed corridors of San Andreas, Vory v Zakone is unapologetic in its pursuit of dominance. With these ambitions at the forefront of their criminal endeavors, they navigate the treacherous underworld, ever determined to rise to the summit of power and influence.








Boss (Пахан, Pakhan):

  • The ultimate authority in the organization.
  • Makes critical decisions, including major criminal operations, alliances, and disputes.
  • Commands the respect and loyalty of all members.
  • Often maintains a low profile to avoid law enforcement attention.


Underboss (Помощник Пахана, Pomoshnik Pakhana):

  • The boss's right-hand person.
  • Assists in managing the organization's day-to-day activities.
  • Acts as a liaison between the boss and lower-ranking members.
  • May temporarily assume control in the boss's absence.

Consigliere (Консигльере, Konsiglyere):

  • The trusted advisors to the boss.
  • Offers counsel on all important decisions.
  • Mediates disputes and conflicts within the organization.
  • Ensures the organization adheres to its principles and traditions.


Capo (Капо, Kapo):

  • Heads a crew or faction within the organization.
  • Responsible for a specific geographic area or criminal specialty.
  • Leads and coordinates the criminal activities of their crew.


Fixer (Решала, Reshala):

  • Solves problems for the organization through negotiation, bribery, or intimidation.
  • Acts as a liaison with outside parties, including corrupt officials or businesses.
  • Keeps the organization running smoothly by resolving conflicts and removing obstacles.


Enforcer (Самец, Samec):

  • Specializes in enforcing discipline and resolving disputes.
  • Known for physical intimidation and violence.
  • Acts as a "muscle" to protect the organization's interests.


Runner (Курьер, Kur'er):

  • Responsible for transporting illicit goods, messages, or money.
  • Requires discretion and quick thinking to avoid detection.


Lookout (Наводчик, Navodchik):

  • Watches for law enforcement, rival gangs, or threats.
  • Alerts the organization to potential dangers.
  • Often tasked with surveillance and reconnaissance.


Thief (Вор, Vor):

  • Specializes in theft, burglary, and breaking and entering.
  • Skills include lock-picking, safe-cracking, and stealth.


Black Market Specialist (Специалист по Черному Рынку, Spetsialist po Chernomu Rynku):

  • Specializes in the underground and illicit trade, including arms trafficking, stolen art, or rare contraband.
  • Maintains connections with various black market dealers and suppliers.
  • Responsible for acquiring and selling high-value, illegal items on behalf of the organization.
  • Requires discretion, a keen sense of market trends, and the ability to negotiate profitable deals while avoiding law enforcement and competitors.


Courier (Курьер, Kur'er):

  • Responsible for the secure transport of sensitive items, documents, or messages.
  • Often involved in discreetly moving illicit goods or funds between different locations.
  • Must possess strong situational awareness and the ability to avoid detection by law enforcement or rivals.
  • Serves as a critical link in the logistics of criminal operations.


Soldier (Солдат, Soldat):

  • Full-fledged members who execute criminal operations.
  • Carry out tasks assigned by the capo or higher-ranking members.
  • May engage in activities like extortion, drug trafficking, or racketeering.

Associate* (Ассоциат, Assotsiat):

  • Not yet a full member but has a working relationship with the mafia.
  • May be involved in providing services, information, or minor criminal tasks.
  • Must prove loyalty and dedication to move up the ranks.





Gang Level: 3

Gang Name: Vory v Zakone

Date of creation: Monday the 12th of December, 2022.

Gang Tags: [VvZ]Name / [VvZ*]Name [for members] | 777|Name [for wannabes]

Gang Value: 300,000,000+

Gang Motto: ~We thrive in the shadows~

Current base location: The Clown's Pocket, Las Venturas

Color code: Mikado (R:52 G:0 B:60 - #34003C)

Founders: @WenDo, @Hatchet, @Orten1
Leader: @WenDo

Vice Leader: @Matrixxx

HQ Team: @Capital, @lazar_, @ZeCabra
Sub HQ Team: n/a
Elder Advisors: @Hatchet, @MarksMan, @Predator, @Vxloc
Our discord: Click here!



Recruitment Status: OPEN


Application Standards

If you aspire to become a member of our prestigious organization, Vory v Zakone, we uphold rigorous application standards to ensure the integrity and cohesion of our ranks. We are committed to maintaining a community of mature, dedicated individuals who share our vision and values.

Requirements for Application:

Maturity: We expect all potential recruits to demonstrate a high level of maturity. This is essential to foster a harmonious environment within our organization and to uphold our reputation.

Clean Punishment Log: To be considered, applicants must have a clean punishment log for the previous month. This includes any disciplinary actions or sanctions within our community. We hold this requirement in high regard to ensure that our members uphold our code of conduct.

Correctly Filled Application: Applicants must meticulously complete the application process. Attention to detail is crucial in demonstrating your commitment and suitability for our organization.

Application Process:

To begin your journey with us, follow these steps:

Discord Application Channel: Head over to the #-apply-here channel on our Discord server.

Opening a Ticket: Initiate the application process by opening a ticket in the #-apply-here channel. This will provide you with a private and secure space to submit your application.

Follow the Steps: Once your ticket is created, our application process will be outlined for you. Follow the steps provided to complete your application accurately.

At "Vory v Zakone," we value quality over quantity, and our application standards reflect our commitment to maintaining a cohesive and dedicated group of individuals. We look forward to welcoming those who meet our standards and share our vision into our esteemed ranks.


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