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[FEATURE] New Role for Criminal [Edited]



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Hi all, how do you feel about adding a new role for a criminal?

What do I mean by that? It's the delivery of illegal drugs and weapons.

Let's say there are 2 types of transport to deliver drugs and weapons

•Light Transport "Huntley" Fast but little paid say from 20k for drugs and guns depends on what city to deliver (LS LW SF and other areas/points) Get 10 stars after delivery

•Medium "Burrito" but well-paying say from 30k for drugs and weapons depends on which city to deliver to (LS LV SF and other areas/points) Get 15 stars after delivery

•Heavy "Boxville" let's say you pay around 50k for drugs and weapons depends on what city to deliver to (LS LV SF and other areas/points) Get 20 stars after delivery

And other criminals/gangs can accompany him and get a percentage of 15k for light transport 20k for medium transport 30k and heavy transport

PS: forgot to add that criminals can return stolen cars from cops

You can put an NPS as a Transparter who will offer delivery to the right point

As for the cops, they will have two options:

•Destroy a vehicle and get a small reward for light vehicles 10k for medium and heavy vehicles 25k

•Delivery to the police station (LS LV SF) has a big reward of 25k for light and medium vehicles and 40k for heavy vehicles


I hope you liked my idea as well as waiting for your critique on the stakes and not only "Thank you for your attention :bonjour: "


Edited by M.Dark
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