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[FEATURE] Blindfolding



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Dear community,


I am suggesting to add a new feture that will be useful for role-play purposes. Such as kidnapping for gangs and criminal groups, or taking into custody for interogation for squads and law enforcement groups. Some organisations have their interogation/torture rooms located in a secret bunker or somewhere underground. They are at secret locations for a reason, so sometimes people refrain using them.


The script can be similar to the usage of ALT GR on cars, but in our case it will be on player's character. The context of the script can be as the following:

  • Player 1 presses ALT GR, right click on Player 2, and selects "Blindfold this player"
  • GUI appears for Player 2 with Accept or Deny.
  • If Player 2 accepts then his screen would turn black but SAES HUD remains(same concept of flashbang but black screen), and he would be attatched to Player 1(same concept of VIP but allow interiors usage).

Player 2 has the freedom to accept or deny, to avoid abusing.

  • Player 1 presses ALT GR, right click on Player 2, and selects "Unfold" to stop the blindfolding. If he does not for some reason, event would stop by the death or reconnection of Player 2.

It is just an idea of how that can be done but developers might find it easier by just commands. For instance, /blindfold [PlayerName], /unfold [PlayerName].

Hope you guys find my suggestion useful for a current or future purpose that will benefit your organisation(s). Let's have a discussion below that might improve the idea, or clarify its cons.


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1 small thing I would add to this is the ability to automatically ignore all blindfolding requests. That way no one could abuse it to force a yes-no gui on your screen just to troll you.

That or using console commands. But there are many different RP commands to remember already, so I think the alt gr solution is the better option.

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Some things to consider;

Would you still be able to see the map?
if you can still see the map a gag option might be nice too. Otherwise you can still callout to your friends via chat.

Would you just be able to 'man handle' the person while blindfolded?

markers for bases/properties/vehicles

What if the person suddently decides to remove his blindfold because he doesn't like to RP anymore or thinks hes a smartass by removing it to see whats going on. Would this instakill him during his blackscreen? "You got shot in the head when trying to remove your blindfold"? Otherwise people can still peak inside bases for groups and gangs.

And also what kikas said, but I can imagine it just being inside altGR with a chat pop-up rather then a clickable popup. using ALTGR to accept the blindfold aswell

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@Weppo said in [FEATURE] Blindfolding for RP:


  • For the map, that's certainly something I forgot to mention which should be removed, means only chat should be visible.

  • Yes Player 1 should be always handling Player 2(blindfolded) at all times, giving all the privileges for marker interiors, properties, and vehicles to Player 1 regardless Player 2 can use them or not.

  • As mentioned above, only Player 1 can unfold Player 2.

  • Even when Player 2 dies, his screen should remain black to reserve the privacy of the location. And for reconnecting, the blindfolded player(Player 2) should always get executed which means he would be at spawn screen when he logs back in.


Also adding something more:
Maybe Player 1 himself gets killed or times out. I think at that point, any player can pick him up, without the ability to unfold him, and can unfold him maybe in a hospital or police department. Other than that, Player 2 can use F1. Or maybe keep F1 as the only option for Player 2 if Player 1 can't come back.


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