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San Andreas Transportation Services Inc. - Official Topic


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Anytime 'n' Anywhere, We come if we hear.





March 2019 -

3 People were planning to make a business and were on decided wether to make one or not because it is hard for them to make specially at that time of economy crisis. They were thinking wether to make one that helps people in their everyday life or the one that only helps other businesses. A few months passed, They have decided to make the group for public. Public Transportations for everyone, Taxis. They were in-luck that time because the vehicles they needed is only at low-cost and so they decided to go for it and find Taxi Drivers. Time passes by, they successfully made the business and everything was going well.

Months passed, A lot of people reported the Taxi Drivers because they were driving crazily/improperly/ so the head decided to fire/kick the drivers for the company's reputation to remain well. Another month has passed, the leaders noticed that they were in-lack of Taxi Drivers. And more Taxi drivers left their job. Soon enough, They were in a huge debt and in bankrupt so they have decided to close down their company for good.

October 2022 -

Years later after the Taxi company closed-down, They came up with another business plan. And that is to make another transportation company. But this time, with EVERY transportation that is available and possible. They have found a crisis transportation in SAES because people are getting busy and there's not really anyone free to drive for them. So they thought of establishing another transportation group. Bus, Taxis, Limos, Aerials, Ships, Trains etc. They have millions to fund the company itself and they have alot of members that is interested to work for them. So they worked together and finally decided to establish the group.

Months later, They have decided to name their company "San Andreas Transportation Services Inc." And was soon established in October 2022. Soonafter, They partnered up with The Motor Heads as their vehicle mechanics. TMH ensures that our vehicles are safe to use before going on a transportation or before leaving the stand/base. They also ensure that we get the FINEST QUALITY vehicles and they get them for us.





Group Name: San Andreas Transportation Services Inc.
Group Founded: October 31st, 2022
Group Member Count: 50+
Group Level Status: Official
Group Motto: Anytime & Anywhere, We come if we hear.
Group Color Code: #BFDD1B
Group Tag(s): [TS]Name[RANK] - For Members || [T]Name - For Helpers/Applicants
Group HQ(s): Acez, Freezy, Weezy, Daddysett, ProtoN, Orten
Group Budget: $100,000,000
Group Base Location: Market, Los Santos ( Near Los Santos Hospital )
Group Media: https://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/34099-san-andreas-transportation-services-media-archive/
Group Helper's Media: https://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/35898-san-andreas-transportation-services-inc-official-helpers-media-archive/
Group Discord: https://discord.gg/pDEzm5A3Fp












Our role is to transport your sent supplies aswell as humans from one place to another SAFELY. We are also destined to give you and your stuff/things to have a safe travels. We ensure to transport them safely and we PROMISE you that we will. And we care for your safety. We are the professionals when it comes to transportation, The only reliable.





Interested in joining us? Give it a shot and apply through our discord server! Head to #apply-here if you want to apply! - Click me to join TS' Discord Server!

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alt text

***Tell us about yourself:***Hi im Onlym3 i have 25 year's old i live in Romania , i like to play video games i mean i like to play only mta on saes , im friendly and helpfull anytimes
***Why do you want to join us?:***Because is an intresting group and new on server i wanna help it to rise and shine ,im active and helpfull all time
***Which role do you wish to get?:***Bus driver
***Why do want that role?:***Because i like to drive any kind of thing with 4 wheels or more :D , and i know how ugly is when you dont have a car and i wanna help people
***In a scale of 0-10, rate your Flying/Driving skills: ***Fly skills 7/10 , Driving skills 9/10

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IGN: BasedGod
Accname: AlexSBP
Tell us about yourself: Well i dont know what i should say but i like Turtles.
Why do you want to join us?: Because of the People who there in the Group :)
Which role do you wish to get?: Taxi Driver
Why do want that role?: Easy Money :)
***In a scale of 0-10, rate your Flying/Driving skills: *** Drive 6/10 Flying Helicopter 4/10

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Good day, everyone!

We are now accepting applications ONLY through our discord server or the forum application way. 

You can apply on our forums through HERE and if you want to apply through our discord, join HERE

I will now close the replies for this topic as it won't be used anymore, except for important announcement(s).


Goodluck and we hope to see you in our discord server! Aswell as our application forum(hehe)

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Good day, Everyone!

Our discord server were deleted recently. This is because of my discord account got hacked. Removing all 3 of my servers. Thankfully, It didn't send any malicious chats to everyone.

Besides that, I also made a new one which you can join using the link down below, which all the group members SHOULD join.


Thank you and have a pleasured day. Eid Mubarak ❤️

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Good day, Gents!
As you all may know, we recently got our OFFICIAL GROUP rewards, meaning-- we have our very own spawn, group cars and our own base. To show another appreciation, we have decided to OPEN our RECRUITMENT once again until further notice. Please keep in mind that there will be rules as you apply for our lovely group. The rules to follow while being an applicant should be written below this message. To apply, please join our discord(click me) and get verified, then head to #apply-here and follow the first message!


- Once applied, you must show your worth and your perception towards the group. 
- You SHOULD NOT spam any HQs to review and accept your application. REMEMBER, this can lead you to a denial--or even worse, a BLACKLIST.
- You must show your work atleast once a day in our HELPER MEDIA ARCHIVE. The link will be posted by the end of the rule section.
- You must follow all the f1 and the group rules as you apply for the group.
- You must be active in-game and in discord.


Official Topic Link: https://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/34098-san-andreas-transportation-services-inc-official-topic/#comment-376504
Official MEMBER Media Archive Link: https://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/34099-san-andreas-transportation-services-inc-official-media-archive/?do=getNewComment
Official HELPER Media Archive Link: https://saesrpg.uk/forums/topic/35898-san-andreas-transportation-services-inc-official-helpers-media-archive/


With Regards,
Acez -- Honorary CEO

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