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Information: Organisation Robbery

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  • Each organisation will have the same mapping placed at their respective base location upon requesting a safe

  • Requirements to start a robbery

    • A minimum of NON AFK 5 members of the attacking organisation have to be online

    • A minimum of NON AFK 3 members of the defending organisation have to be online

    • A minimum of $4,000,000 has to be in the safe

    • There will be a cooldown of 6 hours between robberies

    • Each organisation is able to commit 2 robberies per day

    • You will be able to rob every organisation including squads

[s=Gameplay features that are disabled in a safe interior/around an exterior safe]

  • Arresting

  • Grenades

  • Pepper spray

  • Tazers

  • Marker killing

  • Healing

  • Reviving

[s=Gates][s=Gate 1]Minimum code: 0
Maximum code: 1,000,000
Time remaining once cracked: 15 minutes
Opening motion time: 5 seconds
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]

[s=Gate 2]Minimum code: 500,000
Maximum code: 2,500,000
Time remaining once cracked: 10 minutes
Opening motion time: 7 seconds
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]

[s=Gate 3/4]Minimum code: 1,000,000
Maximum code: 5,000,000
Time remaining once cracked: 8 minutes
Opening motion time: 10 seconds
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]

[s=Gate 5]Minimum code: 5,000,000
Maximum code: 10,000,000
Time remaining once cracked: 3 minutes + time relative to the distance between the base of the attacking and defending organisations
Opening motion time: 15 seconds
[s=Images]alt text[/s][/s][/s]

[s=Safes]Minimum code: 1,000,000
Maximum code: 3,000,000
Time remaining once cracked: 5 minutes
[s=Images]alt text
alt text[/s][/s]


  • Two entrances to the safe interior

    • Publicly accessible entrance

    • Private entrance

      • Located after gate 1, only accessible by the defending organisation

      • Locked behind 2 gates which can only be opened by the defending organisation

  • A robbery is initiated by cracking gate 1

  • After cracking gate 2, you will find yourself in a hallway with Gate 3/4

    • Both gates will lead to a safe

    • Only one of these safes will have money inside of it.. will you spend time cracking both gates or will you play your odds and only crack one?

  • After cracking the safe with money in it, you will no longer be able to use the first marker to exit

    • Your only way out is cracking gate 5

    • After cracking gate 5, leave the safe's interior through the marker

  • After cracking gate 5, you have 3 minutes + time relative to the distance between the base of the attacking and defending organisations (shorter distance = less time)

  • As attacker, after leaving the defenders' safe interior, deliver the money bag to your safe interior

    • Attackers need to enter their own interior through their private entrance

    • Delivery marker is located behind gate 1 of the attacker's safe interior

  • When carrying the money bag, being killed/disconnected/arrested will cause you to drop the money bag.

    • Once the money bag is dropped, only the attacking organisation can pick the bag back up

    • Defenders cannot pick up the money bag, their mission is to defend it and prevent attackers from picking it back up after it's been dropped until time runs out

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  • More disabled gameplay features:

    • Medic Heal

    • Medic revive

  • You will not be able to start an organisation robbery if there is any ongoing gang bank robbery

  • After starting an organisation robbery, only members of the attacking and defending gangs will be able to use the safe interior markers

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