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Application TMH


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Application to Join The Motor Heads :-
Personal Information

**In-Game Name:**KarDeL

**Account Name:**wargold

**Age:**Turning 18 at October 6. im currently 17 years old


**Country In-Residence:**Philippines


**Languages:**Tagalog and English

Gaming Information -

**How long have you been playing SAES:**267 hours

**What is your Current Gang/Squad/Company:**Ghost Triad/All load Trucking

**What are your Current Groups (List Official/Unofficial):**Ghost Triad

Skills Check -I am good at driving and im good at comprehensing everythhing

**On a Scale of 0/10, rate your English Skills:**8

**On a Scale of 0/10, rate your Role-playing Skills:**9

**On a Scale of 0/10, rate your Driving Skills:**7

**On a Scale of 0/10, rate your Imagination Skills:**10

**On a Scale of 0/10, rate your Passion for Cars:**10

Theoretical Examination -

Explain TMH's Role in your own words and understanding:

**Why do you want to join The Motor Heads:**Be cause, i like a motor groups and i like every company that talks about the cars or motors and mechanical things

**Why should we accept you:**Because i will hold the title oh TMH to my positive name and i will not let this name tag let take any problems from me, i will respect all gangs cops and officials or any companies and i am friendly

**What Special Abilities do you have and can bring into the Group:**I am good at talking ennglish and if one word u say to me and i will do it and im not a kind of type of people that hwho dont listens even if they already have a tasks something like that if u told me to do a animation i will do it properly and not runninng around during rp

**Tell us more about yourself (both in real life, and in game):**Hello, My name is Carlo i am from philippines and i am friendly i m turning 18 years old next thursday october 6, and im studying at bsa course in college first year, and ingame i am so friendly, but if someone disrespects me so bad i wont give him my respect and i wont forgive him until he change my mind

Additional -

**Mention the TMH Member who suggested you to apply for us (Optional):**Freezy

**Mention your dream car's name and it's picture inside a spoiler below (Optional):**BUggati Chiron
alt text

Post a picture of you standing infront of our Headquarters, inside a spoiler below (Optional):alt text

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