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San Andreas Federal Police - Level 5 Application


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### SAFP


^[~["To protect with courage, to serve with compassion."]~(navy)]

Reviewed by the Executive Staff

Last updated at September 12, 2022

### About Us

The San Andreas Federal Police's role is to protect the community and the government interests, enforcing the laws and bringing peace into the state of San Andreas. Our duty consists of locating and arresting high wanted criminals, stopping the traffic of guns and illegal drugs, patrolling the borders and detaining illegal immigrants, and maintaining the streets of San Andreas safe with our patrol officers. In any situation, we can respond by sea, air, or land.

We are the force bringing assistance to the government, local police, and organizations in dangerous situations. We are San Andreas Federal Police!

^[~["To protect with courage, to serve with compassion."]~(navy)]
Established: September 1, 2013
Budget: $415,000,000
Located at: Willowfield, Los Santos (Map)
Squad Level: 4
Squad roster: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/20823/safp-roster
Recruitment Status: ~[OPEN]~(green)

Alliance Treaties: All Loading Truck (ALT)

All Loading Truck (ALT) > San Andreas Federal Police (SAFP)
Repair vehicles on request;
Never attack SAFP members;
Transporting SAFP's goods;
Assist in para drops into Store Robberies and other piloting services.

San Andreas Federal Police (SAFP) > All Loading Truck (ALT)
No arresting, only RPs and bribes;
Assistance in the defense of ALT's safe;
Assistance in the defense of ALT transporting.


SAFP Discord | Media Archive

# History

The San Andreas Federal Police was established back in 2010 by Commissioner Halo and Vice Commissioner Stronach to enforce laws against the high amount of drugs and illegal weapons running through San Andreas cities, thanks to a civil disorder. It was difficult in the beginning due to the low budget, but it started to increase as the squad grew. Sometime later they had an army of loyal and well-trained officers to prevent and combat the flow of trafficked goods.

As they succeeded with the initial task, the squad received more support from other organizations and started to expand. Nowadays, with changes in its hierarchy, they not only prevent traffic of arms and drugs, but also help to protect the streets from minor crimes, shootouts, and robberies, and support other police organizations. Fighting against gangs and cartels amongst San Andreas is currently one of their top priorities.

# Divisions

Patrol Division

The main operating division within SAFP is the Patrol Division, as these are officers who are proactively enforcing laws and traffic around the highways of the state. They will also provide support to other policing groups if needed.

SAFP Patrol

Marshals Division

The Marshals act an important role in locating and apprehending wanted fugitives, transporting dangerous federal prisoners, and providing protection to witnesses. We are highly equipped and trained officers, ready to complete any given task.

SAFP Marshal

Recruitment Office

The Recruitment Office is the Bureau within the San Andreas Federal Police which is in charge of handling applications, answering them, and testing pending applicants. These Officers will also be actively searching for trainees without a squad that shows potential and training them so they can apply for SAFP.

SAFP Recruitment Office

# Rules

General Rules

  1. Read, respect, and always follow the server rules (Located in the F1 panel in-game);

  2. Be professional and respectful towards other players;

    • a) Do not insult or fight with players on the main chat;

    • b) Do not ruin other people's role-plays;

  3. Follow the orders of your superiors;

  4. Respect the alliance treaties of SAFP;

  5. Do not spawn as Marshal unless you have been accepted into the Marshals Division;

  6. Always respect and adhere to our rules.


In SAFP, the proper punishment is decided based on the severity of each case. Generally, if the member did break one of the rules, his or her supervisor will decide whether or not to give a verbal punishment or a warning level at his or her discretion. Each member who is not a Recruit can receive up to three warnings; after that, if he or she proceeds to break another rule, it will result in the dismissal of said Officer. Recruits can receive up to two warnings.

# Hierarchy

Executive Staff

  • Commissioner-General (lv. 8): The highest authority within SAFP. The Commissioner-General will lead the Department and will give the final decision over public matters after hearing from his assistants (Chief Commissioner and Inspector Generals).

  • Chief Commissioner (lv. 7): The Chief Commissioner is the right arm of the Commissioner-General of San Andreas Federal Police. He or she is the second-highest authority within the Department and will command it during the Commissioner General's absence. The Chief Commissioner will observe the Inspector General and their Divisions.

  • Inspector General (lv. 6): An Inspector General supervises the Chief Inspectors and their Divisions, managing their matters and setting goals for each one of them. They will report back to the Chief Commissioner.

Supervisory Staff

  • Chief Inspector (lv. 5): A Chief Inspector will organize a Division while assisting and reporting back to their Inspector General. They must keep track of everything that is going on and brief their Inspectors on what to do inside the Division.

  • Veteran (lv. 4): A retired SAFP Officer that does not actively work anymore and used to be a Commander or higher at any point in the past. They do not give orders but should be respected by our members.

  • Inspector (lv. 3): Inspectors will give lessons and training to Sergeants within their Division, and will try to actively teach new Officers about general techniques that may help them while patrolling on the field. They may host meetings and training for anyone in the San Andreas Federal Police if they choose to.

Field Staff

  • Sergeant (lv. 2): As a Sergeant, the member will now have the freedom to choose which division within SAFP he or she would like to enlist for. At any given time this person will be allowed to change divisions if he or she chooses to. Sergeants will now receive more in-depth training in the specialization chosen by themselves.

  • Police Officer (lv. 1): After passing a sort of exams and tests as a Recruit, the member will now receive the title of Police Officer. He or she, after swearing an oath, will now protect and serve the citizens of San Andreas while wearing the San Andreas Federal Police badge. New Officers are assigned to patrol duty in the Patrol Division, and will proactively enforce the law in the state.

  • Recruit (lv. 0): This is where recently accepted members start. At this phase, the Recruit will go through training and lessons so he or she can learn and practice until while a superior evaluate his or her progress inside the San Andreas Federal Police.

# Application

Application Questionnaire

If you want to join us, please read carefully this Topic.

Make sure to not change the format in any way (that means: don't add images, leave the horizontal lines, don't try to make it "fancier" in any way whatsoever). Questions must be bold, answers must be thin. Do not edit the application after sending it unless asked by a Recruitment Officer. Be extra careful with your answers before sending them, double-check everything! Make sure you write "N/A" for questions you will not answer.

Make sure the recruitment is open in the "About Us" section before applying!

#### **I - INFORMATION**
**Real name:**
**In-Game name:**
**Primary language:**
**Other spoken languages, if any:**
**What is your Discord name?**
**How well do you speak English (?/10)?**


#### **II - HISTORY**
**How long have you been playing MTA?**
**How long have you been playing SAES?**
**Are you PC (ProCop)?**
**Have you been part of other organizations? State if left or kicked and why:** (list them)
**Are you currently or have been part of any groups? State if left or kicked and why:** (list them)
**Have you ever received punishment from SAES staff before? If so, when and why?** (list them with details)


#### **III - RULES**
**Have you read and agreed with all server rules (located by pressing F1 in-game)?**
**Have you read and agreed with all SAFP rules?**
**Do you understand that breaking the rules excessively may result in your dismissal?**


**Why would you like to join us?** (use at least 20 words)
**Why should SAFP accept you?** (use at least 20 words)
**Has anyone recommended you to join? If so, who?**
**Do you have friends or acquaintances in SAFP? If so, who?**


_"I, **[in-game name]**, solemnly swear that all of the questions above were answered with honesty and the complete truth by myself, and I agree that, if at any time in the future any of it is found not to be true, I shall be discharged from my duty as a Peace Officer, had I already passed the training exams, or have my application denied."_

Application Process

After sending a filled Application Questionnaire, the Recruitment Office will keep an eye on the applicant in-game, who will be Under Review, checking his behavior and skills. It will then be discussed what status he or she will receive. It is important to remember that demonstrating as much interest as you can help in your evaluation, so applicants are welcome to join our #applicant-chat channel on Discord (request Applicant role to gain access).

After the applicant has received the status of ~[Pending]~(orange), a Recruitment Officer will then be assigned to test this person in-game. This test will consist of various activities, ranging from a driving test to questions about the server and the San Andreas Federal Police.

Having passed all of the tests with a satisfying score, the assigned Recruitment Officer will officialize the invitation of the applicant into SAFP and change his or her status to ~[Accepted]~(green). The applicant will be a part of SAFP as the rank of Recruit, where he or she will start the process of learning for the Police Officer exam.

Otherwise, upon failing the tests or by decision of the Recruitment Office, the applicant will receive the status of ~[Denied]~(red) and will be given a date on which he or she can try applying once again.


Department of Justice - Government of San Andreas
LandShark, Commissioner General of San Andreas Federal Police
Spanish, Chief Commissioner of San Andreas Federal Police


I would like to give a special thanks to @Predator @ZoRo @Afufu @Rocoso @Matheus @scooter and all of the @San-Andreas-Federal-Police members who have been dedicating their time and efforts to SAFP. You guys have motivated me to make huge changes to SAFP to modernize this old squad. Each one of your contributions has had a huge impact on SAFP and has worked towards making San Andreas Federal Police great again.

Thank you,


~[San Andreas Federal Police Chief Commissioner]~(navy)

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