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^[BRINKS - San Andreas Monetary Protection and Services]

^[''Money and Valuables, Safety and Dispatch'']

^[alt text]

Central Office and Main Headquarters:

BackDoor Services Corp, Commerce, Los Santos
(Near the Los Santos Money Transporter Spawn)


alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text


Group Money:

~[$100.000.000+]~(lime) in investments

Group Tags:

[BRINKS-CEO] > President Tags
[BRINKS-vP] > Vice President
[BRINKS-DG] > Director General
[BRINKS-D] > Director
[BRINKS-CI] > Chief Instructor
[BRINKS-I] Instructor
[BRINKS-T] > Transporter
[BRINKS-P] > Probationary Transporter

[BRINKS-H]Nickname > For BRINKS Helpers and Applicants

If the nickname is too long, a member/badge number will be assigned, for example: [BRINKS-T]001

Discord: https://discord.gg/P5wh5qrgVM

Media Archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/25865/brinks-media-archive

Color Code: #8F8161

^[alt text]

^[During 2020, commercial investments and economic movements in San Andreas reached historic levels, in addition to the fact that bank security was strongly affected by members of criminal gangs.]

^[ATM's have become very important for this reason, people are afraid of going to banks and being robbed. In 2021, BRINKS arrived in San Andreas to protect and maintain the ATMs, as well as provide logistical support to the Money Transporters.]

^[BRINKS came as a financial investor to protect the San Andreas banking network from possible thefts by providing a qualified and efficient logistics solution to the bankers around the state of San Andreas, and to ensure consistent quality improvements to the banking network.]

^[alt text]

1- Follow server rules and respect all SAES members.

2- Respect and follow orders from superior members in BRINKS.

3- Use BRINKS tags while transporting and while protecting other transporters or while transporting.

4- Don't destroy the armoured vans to avoid being stolen.

5- Respond to a Money Transporter support call as soon as possible if requested.

6- Don't respond to Store Robbery, Bank Robbery, or Jailbreaks with the Money Transporter spawn.

^[alt text]

BRINKS Executives

President [L] -> Spanish - @LAPD_Spanish_VEN :united_states:
Vice President [vL] -> Afufu -> @Afufu

Director General Rieeria -> @Rieeria


Director ZoRo -> @ZoRo
Director Stone -> @Stone

Chief Instructor Team

Winter -> @Winter-Soldier
Energizer -> @Energizer

Instructor Team

Friction -> @Friction :united_states:
Glayd -> @Glayd :united_states:
Cesar -> @CeSaR
Schwaring -> @schwaring
Aoxi -> @aoxi
Energizer -> @Energizer
Skes -> @Skes
Hatchet -> @Hatchet

Transporter Team

Ferthis -> @Ferthis :united_states:
Juanes -> @juanes12
Leonard -> @Leonard
Gurb -> @Gurb
Real -> @Real
Rover -> @Rover
Chapo -> @CHAPO
Kanel -> @Kanel36
Dino -> @dinokiller
Fallen -> @Fall-en
LandShark -> @LandShark :united_states:
Alperens -> @alperens
Negan -> @Negan1498
Scooter -> @scooter
Smokey -> @kxr33m
SAES>Ardron -> @Ardron
SAES>JojoDb -> @JojoDb
KanoX -> @KanoX
Epichu -> @Epichu
Raf -> @Raf0
Ahmet -> @ahmet1907
Ragnar -> @RagnarTN
Marko -> @Marko :united_states:
Neutro -> @NEUTRO
Taj -> @TaJ
Xhamster -> @Xhamster
Merkazo -> @Merkazof
byyacut -> @byyacut
Markus -> @Markus
Dalio -> @DALIO
M9co -> @M9co
Rosfort -> @Rosfort
Piem -> @Piem
Enigma -> @Enigma
Dippo -> @Dippo
Kristiina -> @Kristiina
Latinoo -> @Latinoo
Troones -> @Troones
Scrubs -> @Scrubs11
Sicario -> @Sicario
Skes -> @Skes
Tefa -> @Tefa
Cold -> @Cold
iAcez -> @iAcez
Skomorje -> @Skomorje
PticoF -> @PticoF
Rick -> @Rick :united_states:
Gamerz -> @GamerZ450
Rewind -> @Rewind
Zerdust -> @zerdust
Pegasus -> @Pegasus
Loka -> @Loka
Icy -> @Icy
Sou -> @Sou :united_states:
Blue -> @Blue
Lou -> @Lou-2
Ottoy -> @ottoy
Olivier -> @Olivier
Dizci -> @Dzc
Ryns -> @Ryns
xleepy -> @xleepy
Meneses -> @Meneses
Davos -> @Davos
Dovahkiin -> @Dovahkiin

:united_states: --> ~[Secret Service Agents]~(cyan)

^[alt text]


  • By submitting your application, you give your consent to follow all the rules and follow the group's guidelines and meet the group's standards and regulations.

  • It is important and required that you join the BRINKS Discord to receive an official role, get a BRINKS badge number upon acceptance, and receive updates on activities.

You will receive feedback on your application after 1-3 days of applying

^[alt text]

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