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Zombie outbreak (FOR HALLOWEEN)



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My suggestion is that for this Halloween which will be in 4 months we get a zombie outbreak event that doesn't consist of NPCs, but instead infected players that with only punching can infect.

during a countdown, once it finishes, a specific amount of players depending in how many players there are in SAES will get infected, infected players will be in a Zombie team, and uninfected won't be, for example, if there are 200 players, there will be 60-100 zombies.

The uninfected will be able to transform zombies into healthy people too, and vice-versa, and if the uninfected/infected win, another countdown will begin, and players in the zombie team will have zombie skins. Nobody will be safe, gang/squad/group doors can be breached in once you complete their breach bar, it can be reached faster depending on how many zombies are punching the door, blast gates will be harder to bring down, and to facilitate scripting, houses can be breached in with the H menu through its own breach bar that you have to press with F many times in order to breach the door.

Infected, and uninfected will gain money (25k) for killing, and infecting people.

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