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[DESIGNS/MAPPINGS] Shaders/Mappings Competition.


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Hello there,

I need few things from the designers and mappers around here. I'm in need of a new base mapping and a lot of skins.

^[~[Cunning Stunts]~(ffb266)]

^[Designing needs - I need in total of 4 skin shaders, 1 racer, 1 stunter and 2 HQ skins. There is no specific requirements for it as we just want some cool stuff on it. Do it freestyle your way and show me your work!]

^[Mapping needs - I need a base mapping on the property showed below, It is also all up to the mapper how and what he will do, The only requirements are, a lot of parkings and a mechanical garage.]

^[~[Global Express Trucking Co.]~(DC3005)]

^[Designing needs - At here I need some good Trucker skins, 1 Management skin which is in suit, 2 Truckers [ not county truckers, a bit elegant with our logo] and a Mechanic skin.]

The prizes are for now secret and will be a surprise, but trust me it's worth giving your best. :money_with_wings:

Waiting for some great examples!

Contact: WenDo#0021


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hello there :)

Previous work (some..):
BloodZ [Base/Shaders/Spray]
Lunas [Base/Shaders/Spray]
RF [Base/Shaders/Spray]
CDC [Base/Shaders]
GT [Base/Shaders]
What else can I do:
I offer a 24/7 server to discuss additions and exchange opinions with HQ's .
As a scripter, I can make gates and interior marker's which you can test them in game . also base shader will be visible for everyone in the private server
Contact : PABLOILYAS#7242

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