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ZIP - xRoyal's Portfolio


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Name: xRoyal
Rank: Worker
Time in ZIP: Since June 23, 2014
Time in SAES: Started at December 2012.
Current organization: Black Bullets

RP Character BackStory

*Robert Williams, was born in an ordinary family and lived in Beattyville Kentucky.
He lived out of trouple untill he was about 12 years old when he drop out of school.
At that point things has changed. He lost his brother in a motorcycle accident, and
since that he managed to overcome all odds and remain out of reach of danger.

When he became an adult, he joined a small company in his Village, consisting in
building and architecting. he became more known and he was learning alot about this
job. Alongside great friendsn he clossomed in a wacky world. But with his talent
nothing could stop him from reaching the success.

One day, the owner of the company died and the Robert Williams was the one who took
the leadership due to his bih knowledge and trustworthy. day after day the company
become better and better. Therefore he got a call from San Andreas Governement to
build up a bridge between Los Santos and Red Country. He accepted the offer, and after
building it the president of SA was impressed of the job and he offered Robert to move
his company into San Andreas, After a meeting with the whole company members all workers
accepted the offer, now Robert's Company is working in the San Andreas and at that point
his life began to change.*

ZIP Architect Work #1

Association Building :

Location : LV

Roleplay Story :

Today we were asked to build an association in a Base of a company, we build a large building with 4 floors

Screens .https://imgur.com/a/wzu6P

ZIP Architect Work #2

Cement Factory Building

Location : SF

Roleplay Story :

ZIP Workers moved to San Fierro for the big work, we were called to build the biggest Cement Factory in San Fierro we did close the enterance and then start to build the walls and then the buildings after that we place the warehouses to store the cement blocks


ZIP Architect Work #3

Restaurent Building

Location; SF

Roleplay Story :

first of all we choose a location with proper zoning,then we moved there and we clean the place up according to the local safety.the place was at San fierro swimming pool,it was a Coastal area with an amazing view,also there are many people who pass arround that location and they'll definitely would like to visit that restaurent everyday to eat something.

so with a few architects discussing about the placement and how we were going to build it.we design the restaurent perfectly.

we set up building lines and we install the floor,after that we frame the walls,we use tees at wall intersections,substantial headers for openings in load bearing walls,and we allow space at each rough opening for the feature to be installed,then we plumb the walls and brace them securely,we set the roof trusses in the correct location after we lay out it marks.we install the roof perfectly after we put moisture barrier for the secritity.

then we moved to the interior we build a kitchen and toilets after we install pipes for potable water,next we Install the main electrical panel box before we put the insulation,now we moved to paint the walls we used some nice colors for the attractive.we placed tables inside the restaurent and we decorate the place.


ZIP Architect Work #4

LV Bridge

Location; LV > RC

Roleplay Story :

Today SA Governement asked ZIP company to build a bridge from Las Venturas to Red country


ZIP Architect Work #5

Baseball Parking lot :

Location : SF

Roleplay Story :

Today San Fierro Governement called us to build a parking lot for the baseball area.

we start building walls and placing the enterance and we make sure we have enough parkings for everyone including a VIP area for the luxury cars, then we build a nice fast food place so when every passenger will come from another city he can take a break there and he can ask for foods.

Screens https://imgur.com/a/7hKoU

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