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Sanfara's Application for SAHA

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Your ingame username: midoprock
Your ingame alias: Sanfara
Your year of birth: 2005.
Your gender: Male.

Nationality: Tunisian.
Country of residence: Tunisia.

How long you have been playing SAES: 6 years.
Qualities you can offer: I am guy who likes to help others without any intentions besides helping, I am an active player, I log almost daily and play around 4 hours a day, which means that reaching me won't be a hard thing, I am responsible enough to carry the mistakes I make and face them, matter of a fact helping someone makes me feel better about my self, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and pride, at least it makes feel good about my self.
I believe that the San Andreas Housing Agency is looking for someone who can handle such responsability, and I can say that I am worth to take that position, I have taken important ranks in many organisations so far and I'd say that everything went in a good way, I am mature and I am a guy who is looking for the best in himself.
Your weaknesses: In my last application for SAHA which was posted 2 years ago, I wrote that I used to care about what people say about me / people's opinions about me, but now I don't really care about it, I have learnt that people will always talk, always going to speak bad about you, it is more than a habbit for them, we need to believe and focus in ourselves in order to improve to the better.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do.

Reason for application: To be honest, there is no specific reason for my application, as I wrote above, I like helping people who are looking for help, I have been playing in this server for 6 years now, I feel like it is time for me to move on to a next level, I usually help people without any purposes besides getting their problem fixed, I am not chasing something, help should be giving from the heart and not for important spots, and I'd say that I am that guy, I usually help people when I know the correct answer and I am sure about it, I don't give a false information or so on.
However, I want to become a member of the SAHA team because I want to live the experience of having such a task like this, making SAHA bets and being active and helpful in the server also helping players who want to sort their inactive requests and so on, I just feel like it is worth the try.

Server Memberships:

  • Medellin Cartel - HQ

  • All Load Trucking - Trucker

  • San Andreas Interceptors - Sergeant + Educator

  • Secret Services - Agent

  • RaceTech - Racer

Additional information: Hey, My name is Mehdi, known as Sanfara in the server, I have joined this community back in 2016 with a different account, I barely knew how to play, I used to talk always in main chat, never knew that other chats existed, I was a player that spawned as a trucker 24/7 since the old version had a good payment, money was the only thing I cared about back in that time.
I went inactive in 2017 and came back later in 2018 with a new account which is the current one, I started a new career, I was mostly spawned as a cop, was interested in squads since it wasn't that hard to arrest criminals, I made new relationships with players and joined organisations until I re-created a squad with Mixpeko, things changed when that happened, I was mostly busy looking for new players who got good english and such things, teaching them the rules and the gameplay basics was fun for me and I gotta say that I really enjoyed seeing them learning slowly, it was more like a passion to me, I learnt a lot from my experience as a squad Vice Leader, it was an important task to be honest and such a good experience to try.
As a hobby, I like making videos, editing is such a great hobby, I always find peace when doing it, I have noticed that my editing skills have improved over the years which is a good thing, I also like to improve my mental health and to become a better person in general.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:
Adminjailed for Shooting player's cars once they spawn them in the hospital (2019)
Adminjailed for marker arresting (2019)
Adminjailed for deathmatching (2020)
Adminjailed for deathmatching (2020)
Adminjailed for avoiding arrest (2021)
few warns and rest are mutes.
Previous (legitimate) bans:
Banned for multi accounting (2021)

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