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Paradox's Application for SAHA

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Your ingame username: professorparadox10
Your ingame alias: Paradox
Your year of birth: 1998
Your gender: MALE
Nationality: TURK
Country of residence: TURKEY
How long you have been playing SAES: Since 2013-2014 cant remember exact time
Qualities you can offer: First of all i can offer you my knowledge and maturity. I have been in jobs that i had to use my teamwork or situation handling so i can handle the requests or teamwork among the community easily. In SAES as i am an old fella in the server i got the qualities that needed for SAHA and to assist people.
Your weaknesses: I dont have weakness as my personality but in SAES i can say that my weakness is not being able to be active that much ingame, i am not the guy that logins ingame and stays afk for whole day then doing somethings and quiting or being ingame whole day and playing/dming cops without getting boring but i am active on discord so if you call me i will be there to help you.
Do you have Discord Installed: Paradox#3250 is me
Reason for application: Let me start with why i wanna apply for SAHA first and not CS. I might be old in the server but before going for CS i must learn some small things and maybe in the future i might go for CS. And now reason why i apply, but before i want to say dont worry reading my apply, i am not gonna bore you with saying that i am very helpful, i like to help people like everyone does for many years....
As i said above i am an old player in this community and i got more knowledge in the server than others so i think its my time to shine and be a good partner in the community.
Server Memberships:
These are the groups that i am part of as far i know;
Organization Zero
Cuban Cars
Desert Eagles

Additional information: I am just a simple guy who tries to complete his internship job and get his bachelor degree and to start my own bussines to run. Besides that i can say about me is that i love to eat pork like lemon & fennel pork meatballs, roast pork with sage & double onion stuffing,baked apples &roasties, BBQ pulled pork sadwich and more.. You can find more about which pork meals i like to eat >>here<<
Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I got few mutes and maybe adminjails 6-7 years old if that counts.
Previous (legitimate) bans: NULL

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Pork is haram bro.

Average app.

Unfortunately your application has not been successful this time around. Please try and help out more ingame and on discord to increase your chances in the future.

Best of luck next time!

alt text

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