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[SUGGESTION] Highway that leads to custom track and some modifications to the track



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I would love to suggest a highway that leads to the custom racing track and some modifications to it .

  1. The racing track should have some speakers which plays music when raceses are going on .

  2. There should be race events in the track in moring and night races so both day and night .

  3. A fule station near the pitstop

  4. A big display where players who are watching the races can watch through the big screen .
    5 sitting places should be accseseable for non racing palyers .

  5. For night raceses there should be night stret lamps .

  6. Just like race flags there should be races in the track but not every time . a big time gap like every race after 1 hour .
    8 .Players can be mecanic in the track and fix the cars during the races like if a car gets dameged or out of fule a mecainc can help the player.

  7. People can go to the race track without using the disk . insted using the road to it .

  8. Last but not leaset the best racing group should be created or given the existing group to mange the races.
    Regards Adit

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