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Curny's Application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: freezz
Your ingame alias: Curny.
Your year of birth: 2002.
Your gender: Male.

Nationality: Israeli.
Country of residence: Israel.

How long you have been playing SAES: Started off in 2012-2013, took a few breaks from time to time and been actively playing for about 4 years already.
Qualities you can offer: Qualities I could offer and use if I serve the community as staff can be my detemination and my dedication to the server. I'm a genuine man, I would never judge a case before digging into it, or a person before having a chat with him. I'm never getting offended, especially over a game so I believe and sure I can handle dramatic scenarios where people flame, even though I would never let it escalate to this level, contextually. I have spent years in the community and among the clan members so I managed to acknowledge it very well when it comes to players needs and how to approach a player. I consider myself a diligent man and I would never skip a task if given, unless I have real reasons for that like real life situations or emergency. The players in the community have a very respected spot in my priorities and I am always willing to help anyone in the game server, discord server and on the forums. I would consider my activity as a quality because I'm most of the times there for anyone, I'm always available for questions and I can be found in-game very often, across all time zones.
Your weaknesses: I don't think I have any weakness that would affect my job and get in the way of the completion of my tasks. I can only mention my perfectionism because it can take me a while to solve a case or throw verdict at someone as I tend to dig into details and some people might lose patience. Although, we're all humans and there's always room to improve.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes I do.

Reason for application: I have been around for a very long time and when the recruitment opened I thought I would give it a shot because why not, I would love to help around. In addition to that, I served the community as SAHA for about 9 months and I think I am ready and have acquired enough knowledge and experience by being around the clan members and the community staff. I would really like to step forward and join the community staff and give a hand at the daily given tasks of community staff that I couldn't access and help as SAHA. I am very grateful for what I've been given in the server and I am offering my help in return.

Server Memberships:

  • Black Bullets.

  • Lightning World Sports.

  • Outbreak Organization.

  • Cuban Cars.

  • San Andreas Housing Agency.

Additional information:

  • I quit my other job recently and I currently work from home so I have much more free time to play the game, so I can be found in-game daily and I'm always available on discord if anyone wishes to reach out and speak to me.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I do think I have been warned years ago for accidental avoid of arrest but I'm not sure if it is actually in my punishment record.
Previous (legitimate) bans: None.

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