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Expert's Application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: ayech
Your ingame alias: Expert
Your year of birth: 2000
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Tunisian
Country of residence: Tunisia

How long you have been playing SAES: I have been playing SAES for more than seven years now, my in game account was created back in 2015.
Qualities you can offer: I believe I will excel in this role because I know I would be gigantic at it. I love engaging with people and providing them with assistance. I also have seven years of experience in this server, I am aware of everything that is related to SAES and its services and how everything is functioning around here. Thus, I am more than honored to put in all my dedication and skills in this position.
Your weaknesses: The confusion I get while having to deal with a huge amount of tasks at once would be my only weakness I must say. I would love to do my tasks one by one. I have been working on this weakness for a long time and I am going to do my best to get it done.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do.

Reason for application: I would like to take a step forward and discover new opportunities, get out of my comfort zone and analyse new scenarios. Moreover, I would love to stay put in situations that are way ahead of the usual, I am also used to operating in a variety of settings and roles that will surely enhance my flexibility and adaptability. I am aware that I should expand and change as the community does, and most importantly adapt to new situations quickly. Let's not forget that I am a friendly player who has always been curious to enlarge their knowledge in many fields, such as learning to communicate with different types of people and also curiosity to look forward to new things to learn and achieve .

Server Memberships: Arms Assassins // LWS // Cuban Cars // ZIP.

Additional information: I also would love to talk a bit about myself, my real name is Mahdi and Expert as in-game, I was in born in Tunisia, most of my time is engaged in social activities or spent out with friends. I enjoy playing SAES and a few more games in my spare time. Over the years playing in the server, I managed to enrich my knowledge on many things, I also would like to talk about my gratitude for the server, the opportunities I was given in order to improve behave like a mature person. I am active now so you can find me on discord ( I have it downloaded on both my pc and phone ) if not in-game.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: punishments on the server: Yes, muted for talking non-English in mainchat and some adminjails for dm when I was new player.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I have been banned once for falling into an old player's trick which was abusing something related to Housing, it led me to a ban and I learned from my mistake.

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I believe I will excel in this role because I know I would be gigantic at it.

Not sure gigantic is the word you're looking for there.

Aside from that, ok application.

Unfortunately your application has not been successful this time around. Please try and help out more ingame and on discord to increase your chances in the future.

Best of luck next time!

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