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MarksMan's Application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: frickovviktor
Your ingame alias: MarksMan most known as M|MarksMan
Your year of birth: 1998
Your gender: male

Nationality: macedonian
Country of residence: Germany

How long you have been playing SAES: good 12 years with some breaks
Qualities you can offer: as many of the applicants would say, an active player with a really long experience on SAES for like 12 years, a guy who finished all those exams and schools and can play yearly without any breaks for "exams coming soon" or any learnings about them. Old aged guy who can take jokes, old aged guy who enjoys the time spent on the server with some talks, helping and racing around the map. Experienced guy in leading groups, gangs and squads. Calm guy, who accepts the fact that it's just game and you don't have to argue about it. Guy who can take tasks from everyone not only from higher ranks just to make the game better and funnier. Friendly guy who always being helpful whenever the community asks for help (giving out money, cars, advices, infos, tips to start the game). Positive guys who forget the bad things fast and keeps going with a positive mind. Creative guy full of ideas and new things.
Your weaknesses: I had many weaknesses, old members know me as arguing guy, nervous, kid but that's all past. I've learned more things as I said above, it's just a game and we have to accept the fact. What I still hate is fighting with kids around, being treated as kid, being disrespected, not finished job on a time but yeah no more weakness, the life moves on!

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, PC and Phone.

Reason for application: It sounds cringe but CS was always my dream, most of you know I'm not missing any CS/SAHA Recruitment. The main reason is as always, I want to help the Community with new ideas, new tasks, help the new players to start game without leaving it in few days. Being CS will get you more new friends (fake/real) who can spend time with you to make the server funnier once you join it.
I can help in different time zones because I'm only working without school or exams.

Server Memberships: I've cleared most of them, I was in almost every group on SAES but currently I'm part of these groups:

  • Medellin - part of the HQ Team and one of the Founders

  • Cunning Stunts - Leader since ages

  • ZIP - part of the HQ Team

  • GXT - Vice Leader

  • Cuban Cars - Impounder/Mecanico

Being part of group doens't make you cool or experienced, you gotta have fun in it!

Additional information: Sounds like cringe again but I hope the hate from admins towards me are now past because I've changed a lot. I hope there is someone who can see the potential in me as good and calm guy. I know I'm not the lovely guy from you but I'm not that bad as you think about me.
Some words about me, most of you know me.
I'm Viktor known as MarksMan ingame, I'm 24 years old and like 12 years part of the SAES Community. Started back then on SAES with my family (brother CheGuevara, cousins Wendo and Skulion) and many friends of mine. Like everyone, starting from 0, being noob for a while and once you understand the game you move to a game which makes you grow, sometimes aggressive guy who spends a lot of the free time on it. I'm really friendly, fine guy who can always talk, who can always have fun, I say always "be nice to me and I'll be 100x times better to you". There are many guys who are really good on the server who received help from me.
I could experience everything in these 12 years, bans, raging, kicks, sad and good moments.
But what I want to really add is, MarksMan isn't the 15 years old boy who getting pissed off from everything, MarksMan is now the grown guy who can respect and accept the community as it is.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Well as I said above, I'm different MarksMan.
I had few days ago mute for xchat which was with o at the start of it (o is bind for clan chat) as I remember and some old mutes
Adminjail 2019, 3 years ago for revenge DM

Previous (legitimate) bans: everything past.

  • 2020 - banned by Daryl for calling players to abuse a bug

  • I don't really remember was it but the story with my brother and me, as he did his own server with copied scripts but played on same PC so I was banned too.

  • 2011/12 - asked Bone and Rennie if I can join CLO, I think I was few times banned for it but never gave up on dreams (still no clo)

But all those punishments, bans are now past.

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I haven't heard any negatives about you in a while which is a good thing and good application! Keep it up I suppose.

But sadly not successful this time around.

I'll save you a job:

say #ff0000 Denied - MarksMan

Unfortunately your application has not been successful this time around. Please try and help out more ingame and on discord to increase your chances in the future.

Best of luck next time!

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