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Yannick's application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username:
My ingame name is Yannick. Username is yannickboy15
Your ingame alias:
Just [B~B]Yannick really for the past few years.
Your year of birth:
6th of May, 1999.
Your gender:
I'm a male.

I hold the Dutch nationality.
Country of residence:
I live currently in The Netherlands.

How long you have been playing SAES:
I don't even know to be fair. I guess I've been playing since 2011 until 2015 as a no life kid. Went on a break after that period to start growing up and went back to actively playing somewhere October 2021. In between I've been playing throughout SAES, but mostly just to help out with activity or meet up with friends.

Qualities you can offer:
I think that due to my work experience, I'm a good team player that's good in communication. I'm pretty much working 8x5 in a full agile development team, which is all about communication and also developing. You require continuous communication between your team and your product owner, as small communication mistakes could cost already a few thousands. I think I have improved this really well when I started my university, where I think I reached a solid level at the end of my study. I continued to improve this while gaining work experience.

Coming to that I also think that I am good with leadership skills. I have been a Senior Admin, close to Community Management within a roleplaying community that has closed down in MTA. I've been guiding trial admins, supporters and also done a few things to keep the community on the right track. I think that this quality would also help me within the SAES staff team as I know what's to be expected from me and how I should behave on professional aspect to the players.

Another quality I could offer is my programming skills. Something which is kind of unrelated to the Community Staff role, but still something that would be good to know. I could help out with future scripting improvements or expansion from the gamemode.

Further on I'm friendly and approachable, my DM's are always open and I'm always down to have a conversation or discussion about anything. I try to be polite to people, which I think has been going well since my return as I haven't really gotten issues with people.

Your weaknesses:
I think that one of my weaknesses is mainly to keep a good eye on the small details. I notice it at work and in real life. While working, I sometimes forget the small requirements that they set for user stories or other requirements by design. It's mainly a matter of being a bit too much interested in it, that I work too fast and forget the smaller details. I do think this won't bother me too much as a Community Staff, as then you have the time to resolve reports and you're not pressured by paying clients that want your work live to production.

Another weakness that I have is that I'm quite chill, maybe sometimes too chill. It's something that could be seen as weakness, but maybe also as a quality. In my opinion a game should be enjoying. I think that I might sometimes be a bit too lenient with giving punishments as I think you shouldn't interfere with someone's gameplay. Of course if the rulebreak is clear and causes a lot of aftermath, it's an easy case. But I don't think someone should be punished right away if he made a first small mistake to something. In my opinion it could knock someone off the game, which is something I wouldn't want from a community vision.

Do you have Discord Installed:
Of course, you can find me as Yannick#1936 on Discord.

Reason for application:
I think that helping people has always been a goal for me in both SAES and real life. Even when I was a kid I tried helping already by being SAHA and SAES in the end. Yes, that didn't end so well due to some circumstances but I never quit doing that. After I took a break I went to a roleplaying server where I continued to be a staff member to help players out. I think that members within B~B would describe me as helpful too. I've recently came back and a lot has changed. I think that refreshment is good, but I also think that experience would be good to have within the team. I've been a senior staff member, close to community manager within the roleplaying community. I think that has given me a lot of experience with helping and guiding players and staff within a community. With that I'd like to make a contribution to the gaming community I first started playing when I was young, to hopefully help them out for the upcoming years.

Server Memberships:
I'm not really part of any groups as most of them were wiped while I had some issues in the past. I think right now I'm only in GXT and CC at the moment, which is a trucking group and a mechanic/impounding group. I use it to take time off the gang responsibility I have within Black~Bullets. I've got some honorary spots here and there but I haven't really claimed those back as I'm not able to actively contribute to many of those groups. I think two or three is enough for now. Besides the regular groups, I'm also part of Black~Bullets. I think I've been a member for 11 years now within that gang, where I have a HQ position. I'm here to help B~B with my other HQs and make sure we guide it into the right directions and make sure we have solid people within our gang that help improve the gameplay for both insiders and outsiders of the gang.

Additional information:
I know that we've had a history in the past and I would understand that the old admins might think this is still something that influences on me. I was 14 years old back in the days, was a child and pretty much had 0 experience in being an adult. I think that I have changed well enough and got rid of that. I also had a chat with Brophy about it, I believe it's something we should forgive and forget as he nicely worded considering it's the past. He gave me a green light to do an application. Hopefully you guys accept that and I hope that we can start with a clean sheet. If not, that's alright and I respect that choice.

I'm also able to do some scripting, as I done before in the other community. I need to get a bit of rust off myself, as I haven't been programming Lua for a long time. I could be of use in any other programming language aswell, due to my real life work experience as a Software Engineer.

Right now I'm also enjoying a holiday off from work, which means I haven't been able to login for some time, but I'll be able to after my holiday which would be around the 11th of May.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:
I really can't remember, I don't think I have anything on my record punishment wise.
Previous (legitimate) bans:
None, I don't think I have been banned while I've been playing SAES since 2011.

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