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TameR's Application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: omar0101565
Your ingame alias: TameR
Your year of birth: 1999
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Egyptian
Country of residence: Egypt

How long you have been playing SAES:

  • I'm playing SAES since 2014 , A friend of mine irl told me about SAES , we started to play together with other friends for few months and then i went inactive till 2016 , after that i came back .. some egyptians ingame were helping me to know more about server and finally i joined The Omerta , it was my first official gang in saes and stayed loyal for this gang till 2017 closed by leader , after that joined some other official gangs like O/OC/X and currently i'm part of SWAT in 2022 .

Qualities you can offer:

  • One of my greatest thing i can offer that I have recognized would have to be my ability to be a flexible in any circumstances. I discover that skill while dealing with uncertain, unpredictable situations and i gained this by passing with really hard circumstances in my real life during my past few years by doing surgery in such thing rarely happens even doctors were surprised about it ,also after i and my whole family became infected with coronavirus at october 2020 .

  • Beside that i'm friendly person always giving help to whoever needs help , can't say "No" to whoever needs help even if i'm busy with stuff , i would tell him to wait a bit and i will help him after finishing what i'm doing , I have recognized that from being LWS , also i'm really active nowadays spending around 7-8 hours daily playing SAES , and i have the skill to solve problems easily and to influence people to certain subject , i'm learning so fast and adapt with fast changes , and i always trying to find a good position/role/rank for me that wont be complicated and in the same time suitable for me and my skills , also trying to be differentiates from others in this role/rank/position , always trying to use my brain to figure out what i supposed to do in this situation , trying to avoid rushing things to prevent any future issues .

Your weaknesses:

  • I'm kinda slow in ending tasks / orders but that because i'm always trying to ensure that everything is going well , even tho in my real work in credit agricole bank as teller i'm slow compared to other tellers but that's because it's responsibility since if i lost any money during my day i will pay it from my own money .

  • Sometimes my trolling ingame within allowed frame makes some trouble with people i love them but i'm already solving this.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes , Omar Fouad#3652

Reason for application:

  • As i stated above i'm super helpful , i can't describe by words how i like helping people , also that makes me not able to say " No " to anyone needs my help being shy to say that , maybe this thing count aswell as one of my current weakness because that may overload some works on me sometimes , plus as i already stated i'm playing saes nowadays around 7-8 hours actively that giving me some advantage to take care about doing my duties among server .

  • I truly love SAES hard , i gained some friends and have good memories in SAES , even tho my english proficiency improved from SAES , that would push me to work as intented if i got chance to be in clan , and trying to talk with newbies in server helping them to understand server well , cause i'm pretty sure that some being lazy to open and read F1 , i mean that i need to give really effective help to newbies that makes them love this server and see that the clan team really helpful and friendly and connect with them concretely , that making them interesting to play and inviting their friends to server making their own gang/squad ,
    that what happend to me personally when my friend in real life invite me and some other friends to server and we were like 9 egyptians back in 2014 , and we were talking with @ESO that we need make our own gang but we all were literally newbies in server , and he advised us that it's better to join gang instead of creating our gang because we need to gain some experience in server then we can create our own gang , Also he gave us really huge information about server i remember that day , and finally what i'm talking about that i'm offering really effective help to newbies in order to understand the gameplay well and start aiming to join a gang or do such thing he like in server and return to me whenever he needs help .

Server Memberships:

  • SWAT Cadet

  • LWS Trusted Member

  • RadioSA HQ

  • ZIP Worker

  • LoungeVC member ( Hosting Service )

  • Cunning Stunts Member

Additional information:

  • My name is Omar Fouad ,i live in Cairo- Egypt , i'm 22 years , i graduated from faculty of law 2021, and applied to Public Prosecution and Council of State have good chance to join one of them but the outcome will be after 3-4 years so i'm currently working as teller in credit agricole bank in egypt , also i'm fully exempted from military service , and i was willing to take master degree and continue my study but tbh after taking some opinions from my friends and others i decided to not take it at least for now , cuz i really care about starting my career early so that when i turn 30 years i become in good position that's what i'm looking for at this time , and during this period i'm trying to work on myself and improve some skills that makes me able to upgrade faster in my career ..

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:

  • I received recently some of mutes and most of them within frame of joke

  • I dont remember actually if i have ever received any adminjail before when i was newbie

Previous (legitimate) bans:

  • Yes Recently banned by nanobob 2018 for bug abusing , but there were misunderstanding cuz i was willing to report this bug it wasn't my purpose to abuse it yet , also there's another reason for staying banned that i recently created my own server with leaked scripts back in 2018

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