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Flex's Application for SAHA

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Your ingame username: midou200
Your ingame alias: Flex
Your year of birth: 2001
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Tunisian
Country of residence: Tunisia

How long you have been playing SAES: Since 2014
Qualities you can offer: I am determined, communicative, patient, and respectful. With almost eight years of experience on this server, I pride myself on a lot of knowledge about SAES. I have learned to use my communication skills to work effectively in order to resolve issues. Furthermore, during every day's communication, I pay careful attention to what I'm being told. Since the day I joined this server I have always tried to do the right thing and remain objective to get to a fair result.
Your weaknesses: I can hold grudges for quite some time, even though I try to avoid doing that. Furthermore, I am a bit shy and sometimes I take things too seriously.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes I do have it installed.

Reason for application: I simply think it's about time for me to take a step forward. I have been playing on the server for some quiet time and I haven't thought of applying for a position in SAES before. I have helped people throughout the time I spent on the server, and honestly, I believe I deserve a chance.

Server Memberships:
The Strike Team
Desert Eagles
All Load Trucking
Secret Service
San Andreas Interceptors
ZIP - Planning and Construction

Additional information: My name is Muhammed, I'm 20 years old from Tunisia. I recently spent some time in the military and now that it's all done, I decided to come back here again. I started playing SAES:RPG back in 2014. I'm a very friendly fella and got a great capacity to control situations under pressure.. at least that's what the military has taught me. I give 100% in everything I do, and I never quit until it's done. I appreciate common sense more than skills. In my real life, I like to practice sports from time to time to stay in shape. Not to forget that I'm very sociable, I love to hang out all the time.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I'm not sure but I might have received a couple of admin jails or warnings back in 2014-2016.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I have been banned a couple of times for "multi-account" and it was all misunderstood since I was playing in a cybercafe at that time.

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