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Liyones's Application for SAHA

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Your ingame username: dhiamlaih
Your ingame alias: [ThC]Liyones
Your year of birth: 2004
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Tunisia
Country of residence: Sousse

How long you have been playing SAES: Since 2016
Qualities you can offer: Im pretty old in the server and i have experienced almost everything which makes me capable of dealing with duties of the SAHA and staff, i can offer any kind of help to the community and i always do my best to help players and new organisations as well because helping gives me a spiritual vibe that can't be described with words and also becoming a SAHA staff will motivate me to be more active ingame and forum as well, it's my strength to be helpful and i've always enjoyed helping people without problems or getting bored.
Your weaknesses: Well my big weakness which affects me the most is that i got anger issues which i couldn't control most of the time, sometimes people's words affect me especially when it comes from people i know.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes (Liyones#7896)

Reason for application: As i said im pretty old in this server and i have enough knowledge about this game and i can be very helpful to the community, i would like to be part of this clan for many reasons but im gonna describe the most important reasons, actually i believe im well suited and im capable for this position and i have a good time management skills and i can manage my daily routine while moderating and being available to the community in-game to sort some housing stuff or something , as i said i play this server since very long time ago and know what is allowed and what isn't and im pretty sure i will be good enough to help SAES Community.

Server Memberships:
The Company - Level 4
Cunning Stunts - Member
The Motor Heads - Probationary

Additional information: My name is Dhia im 17 years old and this summer i will be 18, i live in Tunisia exactly in sousse, i study in high school and i actually design or i learn some programming/dev/graphic design in my free time.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I actually got a lot of punishments and i couldn't remember them yet.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I actually got 5 bans i guess, most of them because of rulebreak and i got ban for some problems.

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