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Marko's application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: blackflage
Your ingame alias: Marko
Your year of birth: September 4, 1997
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Egyptian
Country of residence: Egypt

How long you have been playing SAES:
I've been playing SAES since January 2014, couple of inactive periods in-between, but I always end up logging in again.

Qualities you can offer:
Nothing out of the ordinary, but for sure I am always willing to learn and experience new fields, and for that reason I can call myself a quick learner. Being a quick learner made me gain that weird habit of always trying to prove myself within a group of people, and that if I received a specific task, not just try to do it as clean and fast as possible but I try to put effort into making it slightly better, and when I feel lost, I don't hesitate in asking for directions.
Beside that, I can offer activity ingame, on forums and on discord since my job right now is freelancing, receiving and sending mails and supervising office work from home that makes me on PC most of the time, which means mta/discord are always on.

Your weaknesses:
I laugh during funerals, well.. Not literally, what I mean is taking life easy can be counted as a weakness, even if it's a game. I just enjoy my time and search for anything to stop me from overthinking or to help me in killing free time. I might overdo it, and that can trigger people that are strict with rules and traditions, but honesty to be said; I don't follow some rules, but I know when to place a limit. And my English can be cringe sometimes, but understandable, I hope.

Do you have Discord installed:
Yes. you can find me 24/7 online Abdrabbo#6192.

Reason for application:
The main reason, if not the only one is to have more privilege in providing help, easability in showing directions, guiding new people and enforcing the rules all the time that I can cover per day and especially at nights where a few staff/admins can be found. I've been playing for quite a decent amount of time to finally feel ready to apply for such a position. Doesn't really matter if I get accepted or not, will always try to help anyway, and anyhow I can since I honestly just enjoy the community and SAES idea in general, met some people that I am sure if not for SAES, I would have never met and for that I am thankful. So if being a Staff member or SAHA is going to help if at least a 1%, count me in.

Server Memberships:

  • FBI Special Agent

  • DE Army Special Forces - Lt

  • LWS Trusted member

  • ZIP Worker

  • PC

  • Former HQ/L of SAM/SAFD/ALT/SAI

Additional information:
I experienced being an admin on a different server years ago, was way more different than SAES but still managed to learn a thing or two on how it goes. Experienced how to lead people either on SAES or irl through different categories, so it can come in handy. For now, I am learning the basics of Lua and have been asking JohnnyEnglish for some tips from time to time, maybe sometime soon I can start helping and being more useful since it's not that different from other coding languages I've been working with.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:
I have a hell of a long list of punishments and 85% of them are admin trolls. AJs and mutes for sure, either for DMing or being stupid in the chat, speaking arabic or saying something about Russia while Durby is online, can't really remember the reasons. but I am sure I deserved them.

Previous (legitimate) bans:
I believe the only legitimate ban was once around 2014 when I just started, got banned for scamming by Teddy & Royal. Had my appeal accepted and been covering my tracks ever since.

(Jk, I am a good boy)

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