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Mellow's Application for Community Staff

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Your ingame username: koenmeby
Your ingame alias: Mellow
Your year of birth: 23th of April, 1998
Your gender: Male

Nationality: The Netherlands
Country of residence: The Netherlands

How long you have been playing SAES: since the 5th of April, 2012
Qualities you can offer: I have been on the server for a long time, I try not to get myself involved in much drama even tho it's kind off un avoid able. If I'm mad about something one day I don't care about it much the next day as in Im quite level headed I guess. Currently one of the leading men of a gang which means I can manage things.
Your weaknesses: Uncertainty of how many hours I will be able to put in but I'm sure it's gonna be enough, feel free to check my stats. Since I have been playing on the server from 2012 I obviously had lots of Inactive times which means when I lose Interrest I quit for a while and I guess I always come back at some point cus I'm still here lol.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes and actively using it

Reason for application: I have been playing here for over 10 years now this year and after all this time I decided I wanna try out being a community staff and hopefully move up in the ranks and help out people to the best of my abilities, I have always had this grunge against joining the team but at this point I don't even see why I did, I have been part of Bastage Network but decided to quit that as it went nowhere in my opinion. But from being part of Bastage I do know a little how it's run within the team (even if it's a little)

Server Memberships:
South Side Blazers
San Andreas Studios
Cunning Stunts

Additional information: I'm someone that is always and I mean always on voice chat whenever I'm playing the game and I'm trying to play the server to have fun as to why I said I try to avoid drama, I'm very optimistic person and try to give out joy to other people like when it comes to gang stuff I'm very accepting of people as I don't wanna take fun away from people; for instance if someone wants to join my gang and have fun I'm very open to it as it provides joy/fun for the person who wants to join. I feel like it should be that way but as I have played the server for a while I know lots of people who wanna keep joy to themselves unfortunatly.

Feel free to read my ''10 year legacy'' topic linked here
and my old forum account here

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I'm sure I have had my fair share of Adminjails throughout the years.
Previous (legitimate) bans:
In all honesty I have been banned quite alot of times throughout the years but on the old forums I had multiple accounts to hide my bans, I'm just going to be blatently honest about that but it has been years.

  • Banned for Multi-Accounting (probably around 2012)

  • Banned for Housing Abuse (probably around 2013)

  • Banned for leaking The Outfit private forum password (probably around 2013/2014)

  • Banned for being admin on a copy-cat server (probably 2014/2015)

  • Banned by Bone/Vinnie as I was Bastage and wasn't allowed to play SAES (2015/2016)

  • Banned for abusing a Tram Driver bugg (2020)

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