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Skon's LWS Events


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I am here to say that I would love to start hosting events, because it is one of my best forms of entertainment on the server. So, that is my try to join LWS.





alt text
Hello, My name is Omar known as Skon in game I am 18 years old. I'm Tunisian , I study in the high school . I live with my parents. I have 2 brothers. They are students too. On my free time, i play video games i predominately play multi theft auto because it is the Catholic that im attached to more than any other game, I'm a regular player ! I play for now only 5-9 hours as an average by day and about 9 hours in the week-end !. My hobby is playing football. During leisure I read novels , story books an watch T.V.





alt text



Type of Event:

lWS Helpers:








alt text
Last an Standing
Kill The LWS
Box all vs All
Lucky Nade
Chicken Shooter
Face to Face LMS
First One to warp wins

NRG Fallout
1v1 Dildo
Simon says 




  • Total money spent on events: 31.000.00$
  • Total events: 31 Events



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