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Introducing SAES 1.6

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Welcome to the changelog for the SAES 1.6 Update. This is the first of a 2-part major update series for this year.

I would like to start by giving a special thanks to some of the individuals who have contributed to this update;

@Sollozzo for his hard work on designing the new visuals for the pager (M) that you will see in game and read about below.
@DyamDouglas for creating a new login screen that's much more sleek and easier on the eyes!
@SAES-Creative and specifically @Steven and @Tut for their help creating models, the logo for this update, the new login background and screenshots.
@Daryl for providing assistance with the changelogs, this post and the theory and wording used for the advertising panel and other in-game updates.
@Nanobob for recent fixes and additions to the web portal, including the 'Web Portal Update' section of these patch notes.
@Zwolle for the mapping of the casino where the Casino Rob event takes place

  • Pager:

    • Our pager (M) has been resdesigned to give it a new sleek look!

    • Added a chat manager, you can now enable and disable all chats you are part of. This allows you to select only the important channels, also a great system for screenshots, youtube recording and streaming.

  • Parties have been overhauled! We've added a few new highly requested commands;
    /setpartycode <code> - This will allow anyone to join a party if they know the code, meaning players will not need to be invited.
    /joinparty <partyID> <code> - The syntax for joining using a code.
    /removepartycode - Disable the code to join your party.
    You are now able to add waypoints to the map visible to your party members! This can be done from the map with a short cooldown between placing waypoints.

  • Advertisements:
    - All advertising and advertisments are now managed through the pager (M).
    - You can now create more detailed, longer lasting ad, with the following limitations;
    Title : 10 char min / 60 char max
    Body : 15 char min / 1400 char max
    Cost: $25000
    - The title for all ads will be displayed on the top bar, it will rotate through ads once every 40 seconds.
    - Default time for ads is 30 mins and donators get 20% extra time for a total of 36 minutes.
    - Players can only have 2 active ads at a time.
    - Players can only place 1 new advertisement every minute.
    - Whenever a new ad gets placed, previous one fall one spot down the list.

  • Web Portal Update:

    • Players can now view personalised stats in the webportal found at web.saesrpg.uk to display their individual time spent as each class. A handy tool to track your playtimes in your groups!

  • Models:

    • A backend update where the 'models' resource has been rewritten to reduce the lag players experienced on connecting to the server, or after the resource was restarted.

  • Reports:

    • Updated reports log view for admins, logs should now be easier to read and more expandable.

  • Login panel:

    • The Login Panel has been completely overhauled and now looks much more modern and sleek. This will not have an impact on performance.

    • Forgot your username? We've added the option to recover your username by entering the email associated with it! You will receive an email with your username.

  • F1:

    • You can now update the email address associated with your account! This can be found on the F1 panel just below 'Change Password'!

  • Bone County Dam:

    • ZIP Construction have also completed the creation of a tunnel through the unused Bone County dam to allow for the passage of vessels. Use the tunnel with caution!

The Introduction of the North Las Venturas Casino! (Casino Robbery!)

ZIP Construction has finalised the building of the new North Las Venturas Casino! Visit the new luxurious property in the Whitewood Estates at the North-West of Las Venturas city! For a quick tour have a look at the following short video


Law Enforcement should be on high alert with the opening of the new property.

For more information on the Casino and all its amenities, please check out the official announcement.




Stats have also been added for the new Casino Robbery activity. Both 'Casino Safe's Cracked' and 'Casino Robberies Stopped'

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It is heartwarming to see 'major' updates like these, specifically if you're part of the "OG Players".

The advertisement overhaul looks very promising and I like the idea behind it. The same goes for the party. Do parties still get removed after logging out?

About the web portal update, wouldn't it be great for everyone to see eachothers stats? Like SAES Scoreboard Top 10 Criminals Top Gang with most Bankrobs, Top 10 of Law Enforcement. As well as a function to look for people on web portal.

This process would be automated obviously so players can always get the newest data so they dont have to wait for an announcement.

The Casino Robbery is well...to me it's the same thing as a bank rob, everything is the same it's just a mapping which looks like a casino lol.. Just changed the difficulty there.

I mean it doesn't hurt, but I would've loved to see something for the cop side instead. We all know how dead boring the cop side is and there's plenty of suggestions which have been made which are insanely great and definitely would improve cop side. Sad to see this update yet includes another content for crims and literally nothing for cops.

Afterall it's amazing and a big plus from my side for the update. Thanks for improving SAES <3

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