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Introducing the new Last Venturas Casino!


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New casino in north Las Venturas!
We are delighted to present you the new casino in north Las Venturas. After a long period of time developing and constructing the casino, we hope to bring new joy to San Andreas. We recommend you to keep reading to get to know all the new features the new casino has to offer (f.e. casino robberies).

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The beginning
Las Venturas (equivalant of Las Vegas) is known for the place where anything is possible. In order to give a new boost to the reputation of the city the national government decided to assign a part of its budget to the build of a new casino. The designated senator of North Las Venturas contracted the ZIP company to execute the specific job. The job took eventually five years to finish despite of the planned three years. The lack of raw materials delayed the construction. However, the senator as well as the head of the ZIP company are proud of the result. "It definitely upgraded the reputation of the city" both parties agree. Check out the full blueprint of the casino's interior here. Check the screenshots of the casino here.

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With the new casino generating millions of revenue a day, a safe place to store the cash is necessary. Therefore the ZIP team has developed a highly secured vault within the casino where the money can be stored before it gets transported to the bank. The casino's vault is only accessible by its director. The local residents have their concerns about the safety of its environment while having millions of money stored inside the casino but the senator of north Las Venturas assures that the police enforcement unit will be on stand by at all times for possible casino robberies.

Senator of north Las Venturas on behalf of the government

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