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#Construction_number: 2

@Flex said in ZIP ~ Media Archive:

alt text
Title: Tunnel repairs
Date: 04/02/2022
Description: It's that time again to check tunnels around San Andreas and make sure everything is okay. As for today's tunnel, I went to check Tierra Robadda's and that's when I noticed a couple of cracks in the ceiling. I immediately drove back to HQ, brought materials, and headed back to the spot where I started establishing roadblocks to keep people notified of what was going on. After making sure citizens will be safe, I started working on the cracks and some other damaged parts in the tunnel. After 3 hours of work, I was finally done and everything looked good!
Code: n/a
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/F16xfu5

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alt text

Construction Title: Los Santos Roof Party x Restaurant
Construction_number: 10
Number of objects: 572
Link to the code pastebin: https://pastebin.com/rf1Rad1Q
Link to the Album: https://imgur.com/a/RT7DDKo

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@Flex said in ZIP - Flex's Portfolio:

alt text

Construction Title Los Santos Bank
Construction_number: 6
Number of objects: 313
Link to the code pastbin: https://pastebin.com/paA7DSnL
Link to the Album: https://imgur.com/a/58TLSB9

alt text

On the afternoon of May 30, I was at ZIP HQ having a lunch break when I received a phone call from my Supervisor telling me he's got a big job for us. I immediately asked what was the job and how big it and that's when he told me we were about to build a small bank in Los Santos.

The large number of people who pay a visit to the bank on a daily basis made Los Santos's main bank very busy and they reached the point where they can't handle it anymore. Employees have been complaining about how many extra hours they got to work just so they can serve every client, and that's when the city's Senator came up with the idea of building a small bank to reduce traffic.

On the next day, I was given the bank's blueprint so I carefully studied it and paid extra attention to the details. I took one of our company vehicles and headed to the location so I can take a close look and see if the land is valid to build on. Once I arrived at the location, I found some of my colleagues waiting for me there. We established a portable office and a worker hut.

After reading the blueprint with my fellow workers and taking a deep look, we immediately started working by pouring cement on the floor. After finishing that, it took us some time to place supports all around and inside the building. Luckily, the windows we are about to install were already there so it made it easier for us to work faster. It was too late in the night so we decided that's enough for today's work and headed back home to rest so we can enough energy to do the rest of the job tomorrow.

On the next morning, I drove off to the location, had a cup of coffee with my colleagues, and started working. We started by carefully placing windows all around between the supports with the help of a crane. Once that was done and made sure the surroundings are okay, we moved inside where we did some calculations and split the rooms.

After some calculations, we started by building walls for the security room. 4 hours later, we finished doing that and moved to the vault where we had to build 8 inches of metal walls to make sure it was vulnerable. Time was getting late and we had to go back home.

I woke up the next day, feeling happy because of the progress we made in a short period of time. I drove to the building and immediately started working. Once we made sure the first floor is done and all that's left are doors and desks that we can place later on. We moved to the second floor where we started by building 2 stairs on each side. We decided to make the floor wooden to make it look different and give a different view. The second floor was mainly a lobby where people could sit and wait for their number/turn. There wasn't much work done there due to how small the Senator wanted it, so we decided to start working on the last floor which is the third.

The third floor was mainly a floor for the bank's Manager's office and a dining room for the employees. We were asked to make the Manager's office bigger than the dining room, so as usual, we did some calculations and split the rooms. The first thing we started working on was the Manager's office. Looking back at the blueprint and our Supervisor's notes, the floor needed to be Vinyl. We went back down, picked what we needed, and headed back up where we started working in the Manager's office. After a couple of hours, we were done with the office and decided to finish up the dining room and call it a day.
The dining was really simple to build as it doesn't really need something fancy or anything, so as usual, we built walls and a doorway. 2 hours later, we finished it all. Everyone was tired and in need of rest, so we all headed home and prepared for the final touch.

The next day, I woke up to a phone call from my Supervisor, telling me that the decorations, desks, doors, tables, chairs, and everything that we need to finish up, has arrived at the location. I was hyped that this will be the last day of work at the bank, so I quickly dressed up and went to work. The moment I arrived, everyone was already picking things up and carrying them inside, so I hopped in and helped. We started by placing desks at the reception and then moved to the security room where we installed CCTV cameras inside and outside the bank to keep everything monitored. Secondly, we installed modern safes inside the vault and made sure everything is alright. Then we moved upstairs to the lobby where we placed some couches and small tables so people can rest and read some magazines. Once everything was done there, we headed to the third floor, exactly to the Manager's office, where we placed a desk, a drawing plan, 2 seating chairs, and a couple of plants. Last but not least, we moved to the dining room and placed some seating areas, tables, and a fridge. Now that the inside is all done, what's left was the outside, but everyone worked hard today so all of them were tired and that's where we decided to go back home and rest.

Today was the final day! I woke up, dressed up, and headed to work. Once I arrived, I found a gardener planting plants and roses right outside the entrance. All we had to do was place wooden fences, wooden benches, and metal sensors right in front of the door. We waited for the gardener to finish up so we can let the Supervisor and the Senator know that we were all done!

Hours later, the gardener was done so I phoned both of them in and told them all about it. Minutes later, both of them arrive in the same car and took a look around. To be honest, I wasn't sure if they were going to like it or not as we finished it all in a short amount of time. Luckily, both the Supervisor and the Senator liked it all and expressed how much they adore it. They regrouped us all outside and thanked us for the great work done in a short time.

I went back home feeling joy all over my body, thanking God for giving me the strength for what I've done in a small period of time.

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