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[SUGGESTION] Keep server-sided gta sa gunfire effects predetermined, and disable via client-side in-game settings



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~[NOTE: Instead of disliking it without any reason or knowledge of what I'm saying, you need to know that I suggest for the GTA sa effects to be seen by everyone, but you can disable it so it doesn't lag you, so don't dislike without any reason]~(red)

So I'm going to the point, I saw Ardron with a minigun beating some asses, and I realized that the gunfire effects were still on that weapon server-sided. So I ask myself, why didn't we enable the gunfire effect and let people decide if disable it via client-side on the Ipad's settings?

Here's the boss Ardron kicking some asses with the minigun with gunfire
[s=]alt text[/s]

Exactly like this:
[s=]alt text[/s]

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