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[BUG] Abusing marker



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I will keep it short. Things usually don't get easily on my nerves, but this hit differently. It is not the first time that this occurs, that is the reason why I am "reporting" this abuse.

What happened:
I was after a guy in prison, and he kept going in & out of the marker, inside prison. Firstly, this shouldn't be a thing. Why? Because he can keep doing this til one of us gives up. He can't be arrested nor killed, as he is protected with the marker script. Now, that didn't bother me too much. The thing that got on my nerves is that he can also shoot under this protection. Which changed everything. That definitely shouldn't be a thing.

Make a script or something that doesn't allow the player to enter the same marker for couple of seconds, that should be enough to avoid such things as this.

Evidence: https://youtu.be/Ip9EycrNMAk

If this has been reported before and the SAES team knows about it, just ignore and mark it as solved.

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