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[YouTube] Documenting MTA:SA and SAES:RPG


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've been contemplating recording my gameplay for the last couple of years and I've finally decided to go for it. I'm making an MTA series where I go around and experience the servers and perhaps get some new players to join around the servers that I'll be visiting and revive MTA and why not start with the MTA server that is closest to my heart, SAES:RPG - Safe to say I've played here for the longest of time in my adolescence so I feel that it's my duty to introduce the players of MTA to this community.

@SmallBoss and I have returned recently to SAES hungry for some criminals to put behind bars... or in a coffin whichever is more feasible!

I must warn you the first couple of videos will be a little short of editing as I am quite new to the whole Adobe Premiere video editing scene but I'm starting to warm myself to it as you'll see if you'll be watching the series. Be it if you're bored at work, in your leisure-time or you just want something to watch while eating I suggest you give it a watch, but enough talk.

Click here to access the channel

Feel free to leave any kinds of feedback - if you wanna be featured, russel91198 is the discord.

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