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[QoL]-Adding a cigarette in mouth when you buy weed[SOLVED]



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just something that after all seem nothing much, but since theres some drug addicts in this server seems an cool feature to add

-When you buy weed from an drug vendor you still jump HIGH

-When you buy you will have an joint on mouth just like the cigars u buy at bar

-Add screen distortion, green light shader

-Remove the slow driving/turning for the car, the slow shooting is acceptable, but the weed driving is broken, u cant stand any chance against a cop that want to put you in jail at any cost XD
(this is optional, maybe mods want it to work that way, but on my idea weed should be fun, not boooooooring)

-I consider it optional too, but if people like the idea would pretty cool to add an cigarette pack to carry some cigs XD

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